Google will Teach You how to Develop Android Apps on Android M, For only $23

There’s no denying that app development is a very lucrative, fun, and exiting way to spend your time, and if you’re an inspiring to be Android app creator than Google’s got something for you. The app industry has really consumed everything we do both professionally and personally, and the current trend of technology will only grow with time.

With Android M due to be launched later this year, the idea to understand how to create Android apps will be difficult for most. Google has created a complete course that will teach you all the intricacies of not just creating apps for Android, but for the upcoming Android M operating system.

Rob Percival through Google has created a complete developers course that will teach you all you need to know with creating Android apps. The Complete Android M Developer Course through Android Studio is a full course that can be completed at your pace and details everything within both app development, and Android M.

The funding of the very expensive course has been left up to KickStarter, and the current price of only $23 is for a lifetime subscription. When the course becomes available for all those inspiring to be, the price will go up to $199.

The course will detail all the changes needed for Android app developers with Android M. Full details on learning coding, complete guide on creating apps, publishing to get them noticed, and even proven methods of making money are all within the complete developer’s course.

The funds have already been raised through KickStarter and the final product is expected to be released to those who pledge the $23 in October. A beta will be launched early to a select few with no announcement on determining who the lucky early birds will be. The online course is expected to be for a period of 6 weeks and take about 30 hours to complete.

$23 is truly a small price to pay to learn about something so dynamic, and from someone who has already proven himself to everyone, and especially Google. You can check out the official details and “Back” The Complete Android M Developer Course with Android Studio through the official source link below.

Learn How to Develop Android Apps for Android M