Hotspot Shield VPN Android App Review

There are many free Android VPN apps that will give you many of the same security features, but Hotspot Shield VPN Android is by far one of the most feature rich. The top rated Android VPN security app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and will give you the peace of mind of surfing the net from any location, and from any Android device.

The free Hotspot Shield VPN Android app is a top rated app, and is one of the most downloaded VPN apps. Surfing the net from you smartphone or tablet virtually undetected keeps all of your personal information secure and hides you from the rest of the world.

VPN apps have increased in popularity over the years as internet users look for ways of maintain all of their private information. Whether you are looking to maintain your security while shopping or are trying to keep others from knowing your browsing history, downloading the free Hotspot Shield VPN Android app is the way to go.

There is a Premium version of Hotspot Shield VPN that offers more bandwidth. The free version has a limited amount of bandwidth and shows ads.

Hotspot Shield VPN For Android

Hotspot Shield VPN Android App Features

All of the Hotspot Shield VPN Android App features are detailed below:

  • Free VPN Proxy service that allows you to surf the web securely and virtually undetected
  • Wi-Fi security, online security, and web privacy
  • Access to normally blocked websites and content from Facebook, YouTube, Skype, Netflix, and more
  • Ease of set up with the in-depth walk through guide
  • Smart Protection makes it easier to get connected and stay connected. The automatic security detection feature enables features based on your current internet security. Automatic setup each and every time you connect, whether to the same Wi-Fi connection or a different connection each time.
  • Numerous dedicated servers worldwide makes it easier to switch between various Proxy Servers quickly
  • Anonymous internet browsing by hiding your IP address from others

Free Hotspot Shield VPN Android App Download

Below, you can link directly to the number one trusted Google Play Store and get the free Hotspot Shield VPN Android app download instantly. You can download and install the free VPN app to any smartphone or Android tablet and get all of the same features as listed below.

Hotspot Shield VPN Android App Download

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