Google’s Smart Lock for Passwords May be the Best Password Manager App Yet

We’ve spent so much time talking about Android M in the past couple of days, but Google’s recent launch of Smart Lock for Passwords is independent of the new operating system. Smart Lock allows users to securely log-into an app that has Smart Lock integrated; the app will give you the option of saving your password. If you enable the option, the next time you open the app you’ll be able to log in without having to put in your information as it’s already saved.

Not all apps will be compatible with Smart Lock for Passwords as it’s up to the app developers to make this happen. Developers have already started to integrate this feature, and all it takes is a simple update. Many Apps are already compatible such as Netflix, and you can expect that many more are on the way.

Google's Smart Lock for Passwords May be the Best Password Manager App Yet

For some, using Smart Lock will be no-brainer, but for those who don’t like the idea of placing all your online personal information into the hands of one service, this may not be for you. If the security is in place then this will be much more than a convenience, but for the time being I will have to wait and see.

While there are numerous other password managers that offer similar services, they don’t come with the Google branding that we have come to trust. Despite the announcement of Android M, Smart Lock isn’t tied down to any specific operating system, and you can check out the official Google Developers page for more info.

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