Google Wallet vs Android Pay – Payment Transfers vs Real-Time Payment Options

If you’re thinking that Google Wallet does much of what Android Pay can do and vice versa, well, you’re right. So why the two you ask? We’ve been wondering this since Android Pay was first brought up months ago, and until recently Google has done a great job marketing one, while leaking information on the other.

Android Pay looks to do much of what Google Wallet does, but the future trends of both shows us that both are heading in somewhat different directions. Both will be here for years to come, at least this is the intentions of the Big G. With the increasing purchasing power of Wallet while using many integrated apps such as Gmail while sending money from one user to another.

Google Wallet vs Android Pay - Payment Transfers vs Real-Time Payment Options

Google intends on Wallet becoming primarily used for secure online money transfers, just as its being used now. On the other hand, Android Pay will be geared more towards real-time payment options such as checking out at your local grocer or getting your favorite Happy Meal to go.

Google contends that, “The new app will allow anyone with a US debit card to send and receive month free within minutes – even if the other person doesn’t have the app”, references Wallet. Android Pay will become a direct contender with the likes of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay while giving users while giving users the ability to maintain security, while checking out in a more convenient environment.

Android Pay will be featured when Android M, or Android 6.0 becomes a reality later this year, and we expect to learn a lot more on the many new OS features. It’s believed that Google is intending on integrating a Bluetooth feature to Android Pay, and may be called Hands Free like the name suggests.

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