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Google Project Ara Smartphone Looks to be the Hottest 2015 Release

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Google will be introducing a new wave of smartphone technology with its release of the Google Project Ara smartphone. The new technology is more like a puzzle that pieces together smartphone components such as the camera, memory, and other features to give specifically what they want, and whenever they want it. Sometime by the end of 2015 we will see the new technology that is expected to truly how we view, purchase, and interact with our smartphones.

The new Google Project Ara was first introduced during the CES event in Las Vegas just weeks ago, and we are still trying to get a full grasp on the new technology. Google looks to introduce a way for consumers to self-upgrade their phones by using components and customizable slots. This is expected to change how we purchase phones as there will essentially no need to buy new phones in the future.

Google Project Ara Smartphone to be the Hottest 2015 Release

Currently, the average consumer buys a new phone either once or a year or once every other year. With Google Project Ara technology, consumers can keep the same device, but instead purchase components that will allow specific upgrades based on personal preferences. If you want a better camera, simply buy a new camera component instead of having to buy a new phone all-together.

There will be limits as the entire phone will not be upgradable. The shell of Project Ara will be a shell of a phone with an integrated processor. There is little known if the processor itself can be upgraded, but current reports suggests it will not.

At this time there is no official Google Project Ara release, although we have heard that it will debut in limited markets by the end of 2015. With much more expected to come including rumors at the MWC event in Barcelona you can expect to see so much more here well before anywhere else.

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