Google Play Newsstand Android App Review and Free Download

Google Play Newsstand is mobile news at its finest, but with a Google twist to boot. This free Android app is a great way to display current news on any mobile device as it has all of today’s top stories. From one of the most trusted internet names, Google has taken there Google Play Newsstand Android app to a new level which has helped make it one of the top news apps.

The free Google Play Newsstand app can be instantly downloaded onto any mobile device including smartphones and tablets and the responsive design formats perfect on any device. Read, search, and share any of the top news stories and you can also see what others are reading also. The integrated social share features allows you to share on Facebook or Tweet on Twitter.

Google Play Newsstand Android App Review

Google Play Newsstand Features

See all of the best Google Play Newsstand Features below:

  • Feel free to search, read, and share a wide array of news information with friends, family, and others
  • See all different types of news information in one customizable location
  • Full HD news information and there are numerous free and paid articles to choose from. Subscribe to news of your choosing and instantly read, listen, and share while syncing across any supported Android device.
  • Access news feeds and magazines while online or offline
  • Adaptable features where news feeds of interests will be automatically displayed on your homescreen for easy viewing

Free Google Play Newsstand Download

Get the free Google Play Newsstand Download by linking to the Google Play Store below:

Google Play Newsstand Download

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