Google Hangouts Android App Review

Google has a long list of Android apps that you may want to consider including one of the most fun and immersive text and messaging apps. Google Hangouts Android has since replaced Google Talk for wireless communications as you can talk, text, and message using a wide array of free services.

Google Hangouts is the perfect addition for those looking for a creative and more features than the standard message app that typically comes preloaded on any smartphone. The free Android app only requires the user to create and activate a free Google + account. The free account will also enable the user many other features such as Gmail and many other freebies.

Google Hangouts Android App

Google Hangouts Android Features

Some of the many free Google Hangouts features are as follows:

  • Free messaging service where users can quickly switch between SMS and MMS messaging
  • Group chat with friends and family and up to 100 people at the same time
  • Free phone to phone calling worldwide to other Google Hangouts users
  • Sync Google Hangouts messages and contact across many mobile devices and operating systems including IOS and Android OS and devices.
  • GIF’s, EMOJI, photos, maps, and other features can be sent via SMS and MMS

Keep in mind that free calling features are enabled only for Google Hangouts members. There may be a fee applied for non-members or if a Hangout member calls a non-member. The group messaging features are one of the best of any free Android messaging app, and is better than most paid messaging apps.

Probably the biggest drawback is that once Google Hangouts for Android is installed, it can’t be turned off unless uninstalled. There is a way to silence or turn off any of the notifications as the apps settings are very easy to customize.

Free Google Hangouts Android Download

Google Hangouts for Android can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store by simply following this link.

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