Google Goggles Android App Review

Google Goggles is a great free app that makes it easier to translate or get information on just about anything you see. This free Android app uses your smartphone camera and allows you to search for anything on Google by simply taking a picture. Take a picture and search the huge Google suppository for information, prices, pictures, QR codes, bar codes, and even allows for language translation.

If you have ever seen anything in your life and wanted more information, than the Google Goggles Android app is for you. Google has the largest database of information, and this free app makes it easier than ever to search it in a matter of seconds.

There’s no need to know what you are searching for as a picture tells a thousand words. If you can take a picture using your smartphone camera, than you can find out anything you want.

Google Goggles Android App

Google Goggles Android App Features

All of the top Google Goggles Android app features can be found below:

  • Search through the largest online database by simply taking a picture with your smartphone camera
  • Capture bar codes and QR codes for product information, pricing, and compare
  • Translate writings of different languages
  • Find out information on restaurants, stores, attractions, and any place you can imagine. Read customer reviews by simply taking a picture of a specific landmark
  • Interacts with Sudoku to help you in solving puzzles
  • Take pictures of business cards and add information into your contacts such as name, phone number, email address, and more

Free Google Goggles Android App Download

Instantly, download and install the free Google Goggles Android App using the exclusive link below.

Google Goggles Android

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