Google Glass 2 Rumors Release Date, Price, and Specs

Google Glass was probably the most talked about wearable technology in 2014, and the new information on the second edition will continue the past trend. It seems like the upcoming year will introduce us to an extension of the first concept, and the second is likely to be much more receptive than the first. 2015 has been rumored to feature the Google Glass 2 which is shaping up to be more of a practical wearable device, and something that more consumers are likely to see.

The first release of Google’s mobile eyeglass technology was plagued with bugs and numerous problems, but with all the updates and fixes the second edition is already looking promising. As the intentions will be to market the final product as more of a common person’s wearable product, the price would have to come down considerably.

Google Glass 2

Google Glass 2 Rumors

The initial launch is expected to be made open to all consumers as the expectations that started back in 2012 may finally be upon us. The initial launch in limited markets, limited supply, and to a limited consumer base has had many bright aspects, but underachieved when looking at consumer expectations.

Prior to the launch of the second model, it’s being rumored that the first model will be made available to the public on the Google Play Store. While we’re unsure if this will really materialize in 2015, the cost of such may be too pricey for most. With a current price of nearly $1500, it is doubtful that Google will drop the price all-that much.

With the intentions of decreasing their current supply prior to the launch of the Google Glass 2, it may be the best time to get in on one of the hottest 2015 tech releases.

Google Glass 2 Release Date and Price

There has been much speculation on the Google Glass 2 release date. While there has been no official announcement as of yet, we are almost certain that we will see it in 2015. Expected to be more than a limited market release, the second edition should be seen in many more markets worldwide.

Markets in Asia should see the release date well before much of us in other parts as countries like Korea, Japan, and China are likely to get a hands-on first. There have been more rumors surrounding a late summer release date in Asia which may mean other markets like the US and larger markets in Europe

Most would say that the first Google Glass price was quite expensive. With a $1500 price tag, it was easy to see why most consumers decided to think twice on purchasing the Google Glasses. While the rumors on the Google Glass 2 price depicts a considerably lower price, it is still being considered high by some standards. With a price tag expected to be near $1000 USD it will be considerably less than the first release.

Google Glass 2 Specs and Features

We are expecting to see some huge improvements with the Google Glass 2 specs and features when comparing it to the original Google Glass. 2 GB of RAM is certain that will double the 1 GB of the original. Even more, it’s been rumored that an Intel chip will be used which will significantly improve the speed, power, and battery life. The battery was one of the biggest drawbacks of the original as it featured a Texas Instrument chipset.

Google Glass has already come a long way since the original release which came with options of about 15 apps. Now up to well over 50, the second model is expected to support well into the 100’s upon he release.