Google Android Tablet Reviews Praise Pixel C for Robust Design and Lightning Performance

Last year, Google released its very first tablet, called the Pixel C. Having a premium build quality and a top notch specification, the device manages to attract a large number of tablet lovers worldwide. In this article, you will find what the Google Android tablet reviews of the reputed online publications think about it. Let’s take a look at them.

Google Android Tablet Reviews Praise Pixel C for Robust Design and Lightning Performance

Google Android Tablet Reviews: Trusted Reviews Praises Pixel C’s Robust Design, but Criticizes the Expensive Price Tag

In one of the most detailed Google Android tablets reviews, Trusted Reviews reveal all the pros and cons of the Pixel C effectively. It finds the design really robust. It is very impressed with the chassis that provides a very premium feeling. Thanks to the application of the anodized aluminum. It is also quite happy with the keyboard. However, it finds several issues. For instance, it mentions keyboard’s occasional input lags, which results in a frustrating typing experience. Moreover, it feels that the price tag of £549.99 is very expensive.

Google Android Tablet Reviews: CNET Admires Pixel C’s Outstanding Hardware and Battery Performance

Similar to the other Google Android tablet reviews of the top rated online publications, CNET is very impressed with the solid build quality of the Pixel C. It also admires its dazzling screen. However, the thing that impresses CNET most is the outstanding hardware and battery performance. It finds that the tablet runs all the apps and games at a lightning pace. It mentions about its score of 40922 points in the 3DMark Ice Storm benchmark test, which is way higher than the 21647 points of the mighty iPad Air 2. It also mentions that the battery lasted 12.7 hours in its lab test, which is really great for a portable device.

Google Android Tablet Reviews: Tech Radar Praises Pixel C’s Razor Sharp Screen but Criticizes Pricey Option of the Keyboard

Like the previously mentioned Google Android tablet reviews, Tech Radar is very impressed with the outstanding design and premium build quality of Google’s very first tablet. It has highly admired its razor sharp display. It finds that the screen is 25% brighter than the leading tablet displays. It states that the users will get an outstanding on-screen performance due to the vibrant colors and sharpness. It also admires the keyboard. However, it doesn’t like the additional price tag £119 that the customers are forced to pay for it. It states that the additional price of the keyboard is really expensive.

This is what the Google Android tablet reviews think about the Pixel C. What do you think about the device? Share your thoughts by hitting the comment button.

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