Google Android Tablet Review: Pixel C with a Killer Performance and Outstanding Battery

The Pixel C is the best tablet that Google has ever created. All the credit goes to the powerful hardware, crystal clear display and incredibly stylish design. In this Google Android tablet review, you will find all the details of the devices. Let’s begin.

Google Android Tablet Review - Pixel C with a Killer Performance and Outstanding Battery

Google Android Tablet Review: Design

The design of the Pixel C has been created by Google itself. When you look at it, you will feel that the Cupertino company has provided its best effort to bring a premium appearance in the device. The chassis has been created with the anodized aluminum. As a result, it can survive all the regular wear and tear. Weighing only 517g, it is fairly comfortable to hold and carry. The optional keyboard also feels really great. You can connect it with the device with a new magnetic docking mechanism. However, sometimes, you will face input lag with the keyboard. Otherwise, everything looks absolutely fine. So, in terms of design, it gets a positive feedback in our Google Android tablet review.

Google Android Tablet Review: Display

Being equipped with a 10.2-inch display, the Pixel C has become one of the smallest convertibles on the current market. Having a pixel density of 308 ppi, it is able to make everything crystal clear. The colors look really vibrant and the viewing angles are excellent.

Google Android Tablet Review: Camera

In terms of tablet standards, the 8-MP rear shooter is very impressive. In regular light, it is able to take super crisp photos with a vibrant color. However, like the other tablet shooters, it fails to impress in the low light condition. You will notice the background noise issue in the photos. Moreover, colors become distorted. The device also has a 2-MP front shooter. It cannot take dazzling selfies. But it is indeed good enough for making video calls with a decent quality.

Google Android Tablet Review: Performance

The inclusion of the quad-core NVIDIA X1 processor has become a major selling point. Being coupled with the 3 GB DDR4 RAM, it has become one of the fastest Android tablets of the recent time. In the Geekbench 3 multicore test, it scores 4,188 points, which is simply outstanding. As a result, it pushes Samung’s flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S2, which scores only 3,562 points, far behind. Its Maxwell GPU is simply incredible. You will be completely blown away by its absolutely stunning performance while playing the high end games. As a result, in terms of performance, the Pixel C deserves an outstanding feedback in our Google Android tablet review.

Google Android Tablet Review: Battery

The 34.2 Wh battery is almost as good as the battery of the iPad Air 2. Even though you use it heavily, it can last around three days, which is really incredible.

Google Android Tablet Review: The Verdict

The Google Pixel C is super crisp, stylish and powerful. More specifically, it is now regarded as one of the best Android tablets of the history. However, the higher price tag of £399 is a bit let down. And if you want the keyboard, you will have to spend an extra £119, which sounds really expensive for a tablet keyboard. But if you have a good budget, you should definitely go for it. It’s the best Android tablet that you can find today.

This is the end of our Google Android tablet review. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts by hitting the comment button.

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