Galaxy S6 Edge Battery Life and Storage Capacity Reaches a New Level with Incipio’s offGrid Case

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is arguably the best Android smartphone in the current market. Being equipped with an outstanding 16-MP primary camera, the amazing Super AMOLED display and an eye catching design, it has become a must-have smartphone for all the perfectionists! However, the device has been criticized a bit for not featuring expandable storage and desired battery life. However, these issues have been completely solved with the introduction of the new Incipio offGrid case.

The offGrid case might not be lighter than the other cases and might add more weight to your phone, but it pushes all its competitors behind with one thing – the 100 percent additional battery life! That means, if you do not watch YouTube videos constantly, you can use your Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone for more than 24 hours! Moreover, offGrid has a very thin shape, which makes it perfect for people who always prefer to wear skinnier jeans. And the matte finish has made it look smarter than all the other cases available in the market.

In addition to the 100 percent additional battery life, the Incipio offGrid case features another outstanding option. It’s the additional storage feature. The case has been equipped with its own MicroSD slot, which supports 128 GB additional storage capacity. That means, the case can increase the storage capacity of Galaxy S6 Edge by twice! The users will not have to worry about storing large sized files, movies and games in their devices. They can use Incipio’s File Browser app to pull the larger files on and off their smartphones.

Despite being equipped with these amazing features, the Incipio offGrid case has only one downside. It cannot provide additional battery life and extra storage simultaneously. Nonetheless, the $89.99 case has taken the Galaxy S6 Edge’s capability to a new level.