The Future of 3D Smartphone Technology

The wave of 3D technology is already here, and smartphones are the up and coming trends expected to feature the new tech. Everything is virtually converting to 3D tech devices as TV’s and printers have already become the newest thing. We will be hearing more on the future of 3D smartphone technology which has already been rumored to be featured in many upcoming Android smartphones.

The latest rumors come out of Samsung HQ that suggests the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 will feature a 3D camera. We have been hearing this for months now, and is certain to become the new wave of smartphone technology.

3D Smartphone Technology

An Android 3D smartphone would do more than create amazing pictures or a unique viewing display, but would integrate with many of the on-screen controls as well. We’ve already seen this some three years ago wht the HTC Evo 3D, but the 3D smartphone technology was far less to superior than hoped.

Two of the largest tech manufacturers have already launched internal campaigns as both Google and Microsoft are working on perfecting 3D smartphones. The next wave of 3D smartphone technology isn’t expected to revolutionize the new tech, but instead become an integral part of the new concepts. Microsoft features similar 3D technology with the Kinect, and is expected to do the same with a new Windows 3D smartphone.

3D displays, cameras, gaming, user interface, and 3D video are all expected to be integrated into future smartphones. Upcoming 3D smartphone rumors are poised to have more success than previous models due to better software, micro processors, and better graphics, as we fully believe we may see the new technology by the end of the year. Samsung has been rumored to feature a 3D camera with their upcoming Galaxy Note 5 release which is slowly starting to peak consumer interests.

As more 3D smartphone rumors come available in 2015, you can expect to see them here first.

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