Flipboard Android App Review and Free Download

Flipboard is one of the top news apps that makes viewing and looking up current events much more enjoyable. The unique viewing ability has helped make the Flipboard Android app one of the most downloaded free news apps, and one that you can enjoy as well.

The Flipboard Android app gives you an entire new perspective on viewing news from your mobile device as it’s customizable to fit your own desires. The ability to view what you want and how you want it on any Android mobile device is one of the many things that has helped make this a must have.

Flipboard Android App Review

By simply flipping through different news stories and events that fit to your own screens dimensions, Flipboard for Android yet another way to enjoy to enjoy your Android device.

Flipboard Android App Features

See all of the top Flipboard Android app features below:

  • Numerous customizable options to make Flipboard your very own news site. Show what you want, where you want it, and how you want it displayed
  • Change your news boards over-time as you can easily add or delete various news feeds
  • Post various Flip boards by connecting with all of the top social media sites. Post to Facebook or view your friends news feeds using the integrated social sharing features
  • Save new stories for later viewing and you can create your own custom news collage
  • Add online content to your own Flipboard at anytime
  • 24 localized editions based on some of the largest geographical locations

Free Flipboard Android App Download

Take advantage of the following exclusive link and get the free Flipboard Android App download below:

Flipboard Android Download

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