Firefox Android App Review and Free Download

Firefox Mozilla is one of the most popular web browsers, and now you can easily surf the web using Firefox on any Android mobile device. The free install places the Firefox Mozilla browser right on your smartphone or tablet and gives you the same functionality as if surfing from any desktop device. One of the most trusted and fasted web browsers is yours using the Firefox Android app.

The free Firefox Android app gives you an amazing browsing experience with lighting speeds. There is no wonder why Firefox is one of the most downloaded browsers as millions are already using it more than Chrome, Internet Explorer, and more. It gives you the peace of mind to surf securely and one of the top features allows you to protect yourself from most advertisers.

Firefox Android App Review

Firefox Android App Features

Below are the top Firefox Android app features:

  • Surf the web securely using the lighting fast Firefox Mozilla browser
  • Enjoy the same great features as if surfing from any desktop computer including being able to protect yourself from advertisers
  • Numerous security features that can be customized
  • Customizable quick launch features
  • Nearly 60 supported languages
  • Supports HTML 5
  • Numerous Firefox add-ons which allows you to extend the functionality of the Firefox Mozilla web browser

Free Firefox Android App Download

Below you can easily install the free Firefox Android app download:

Firefox for Android

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