Facebook Messenger Update Expands Free Video Calling to Countries Worldwide

A new Facebook Messenger update was just released bringing the very popular free video calling feature to many users where it wasn’t offered before. Video calling is something that has increased in popularity over the years as it’s since spawned many sites such as Skype, WeChat, and many others.

Facebook has been looking to get in on the action with its free video calling feature that is done within Facebook Messenger that allows to instantly connect within the app itself. As of now, there are more than 600 million users who use FB’s messenger service, and now users from around the world can take advantage of video calling for free.

Facebook Messenger Update Expands Free Video Calling to Countries Worldwide

Before the most recent update, some of the larger markets worldwide such as the US, UK, Canada, and 15 other countries were able to use the free service, but now, many others can to. The service will extend to all countries worldwide over the course of the next few months with most seeing the new update right now.

Right now, you can take advantage of free Facebook video calling on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. There are both IOS and Android apps which can be downloaded onto any supported device allowing you to instantly connect to FB users globally.

If you haven’t experience the Facebook Messenger video calling feature, you can download the Android app through the exclusive Google Play link below.

Download FB Messenger from Google Play

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