Exclusive Service for Nexus 6 Owners Through Project Fi

If you are the proud owner of a Nexus 6, there is good news coming your way. Google is in the early stages of launching their new Project Fi. Their goal is simple: work with the best cellphone service providers and hardware manufacturers to create a high speed network and common-sense pricing plan.


Unfortunately, for other Android owners, as it stands, the network is only compatible with the Nexus 6. Lucky Nexus 6 owners can visit the Project Fi website and request an invitation to join the network. Here are just a few of the benefits you will enjoy:

Seamless transitions between wireless and cell networks. Your phone will automatically tap into the strongest and most efficient signal. If you start a call using wireless and travel out of range, your phone will connect with the strongest available network without you even noticing. This means more reliable service even in the most remote areas and less data usage.

You can also use your phone number to connect all of your devices so that you can call, text and check voicemail using whichever device is closest to you. If you have a tendency to temporarily misplace your phone, you can still stay in touch using another device.


Perhaps the most exciting part of this new plan is the common sense approach to pricing. Customers will pay a base fee of $20 per month without having to worry about an annual contract. From there, you pay $10 for every GB of data. If you don’t use all of your data for the month, your account is credited with actual dollars and cents. You only pay for what you use and considering the fact that you will be taking advantage of Wifi hotspots, your data use should drop dramatically compared to your current plan.

As mentioned before, the one drawback of Project Fi is that it is only available to Nexus 6 users. One can only hope that more phone manufacturers will work to seek out partnerships with Google and help more people enjoy this service.