Circle of 6 Android App Review

If you’re looking for a truly unique and creative social app, then Circle of 6 is something worth considering. The unique nature of this Android app gives users another way to instantly communicate with friends and family, but with the premise of getting help. Circle of 6 Android can be downloaded for free from the number one Google Play Store, and can be used across all Android platforms including smartphones and tablets.

Circle of 6 for Android allows users to get instant help from friends and family as the preset circle makes it easier to communicate in times of need. It takes a matter of seconds with two quick taps to instantly send pre-set messages such as call me now, pick me up, or other messages of your choice.

Circle of 6 Android

The integrated GPS location also sends your location to the other user which makes it easier and faster to notify others where you’re at. The app is limited to a total of 6 preset persons to be placed into the circle, but the app works the same with less than 6.

Circle of 6 Android App Features

The following are the top Circle of 6 Android App features:

  • Create a circle of at no more than 6 friends and family to instantly communicate and send notifications with a matter of two clicks
  • Preset SMS text messages can be sent to any one person within your group or everyone within the group at the same time.
  • Instantly send your location with the integrated GPS feature. The mapping GPS feature allows the receiver to use turn by turn directions to easily find your exact location
  • Pre-program up to two emergency numbers to allow for quick access

Free Circle of 6 Android App Download

From the number one Google Play Store, you can instantly download the free Circle of 6 Android App on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Circle of 6 Android App Download

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