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The top Asus tablet reviews, previews, specs, features, and updates.

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Asus has produced some of the best Android tablets of the recent time. They are sleek and powerful. More importantly, they come with the …

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If you are planning to buy a new tablet, you should definitely consider the large screened devices from Asus. They are incredibly powerful and …

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The Asus tablet line-up has been continuously strengthening its position in the market with the amazing design, the powerful specification and the reasonable price …

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Asus held nothing back during the annual Computex Taipei event which started today with their announcements on things to come including new smartphones, smartwatches, …

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The Computex Taipei event starting June 1st is expected to be huge for Asus as we’re fully expecting two new tablets to be made …

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Asus is expected to make a huge showing at the Computex 2015 event which will kick-off starting June 2nd in Taiwan. Zensation is what …

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New leaks have surfaced on two new Asus tablets that are in the final stages of production, and will be released to the public …