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The top Motorola smartwatch reviews, previews, specs, features, and updates.

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2017 is going to be a huge year for the wearable lovers. All the current-generation smartwatches of the major brands are strongly expected to …

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If you are an Android phone user, you might be planning to buy a smartwatch for your device. However, there is a huge number …

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Motorola smartwatches might not be as popular as the wearable devices of Samsung and Sony. But they have everything that you are looking for. …

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The Android Wear smartwatches are no longer considered as only the fashion accessories. Rather, they are considered as essential devices that can not only …

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While there are tons of smarwatches on the market, only a few of them has been able to create a massive buzz. In this …

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It is always difficult to find the best Android smartwatch among the massive number of wearables. But if you read this article, you can …

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Android smartwatches have been evolved significantly since the Android Wear started to receive major upgrades. Their applications have reached such a level that we …

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The latest version of Android brings many new features including Wi-Fi connectivity to many smartwatches that have the capabilities built right in. The Motorola …

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There’s no time but the present time to pick up the Moto 360 as Motorola has just dropped the price a cool 100 bucks. …

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In this Android review we take an in-depth look craze of Android smartwatches and the best one’s on the market today. All three of …

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The Moto 360 was probably the most anticipated Android smartwatch since its official announcement some months ago, and due in part for its unique …