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The Saygus V2 was meant to be the smartphone with an almost unlimited amount of memory, but due to early production issues causing delays …

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The long-awaited Saygus V2 was thought to have been here by now, but that was before the new information to follow. The V2 was …

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The Saygus V2 (squared) is already being regarded as the multimedia smartphone of the year, and starting with the huge expandable memory options it’s …

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As the race for the top 2015 Android smartphones is already underway, there is one that truly is becoming the top choice for multimedia …

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With many people patiently awaiting the official release of the Saygus V2, we have found new information on what to expect it. With the …

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The upcoming Saygus V2 smartphone looks to be a true contender for Android smartphone of the year, and when you’re done with this review …

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Saygus is getting ready to introduce us to a multi-media powerhouse of a smartphone that will literally blow away much of the rest of …

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If you were looking for a smartphone with an almost endless of internal memory, then it’s time to look again. CES brought forth another …