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It’s November and we are heading towards the end of 2017. However, there are still some amazing smartphones left to be revealed. More specifically, …

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Despite not being well-known as other major smartphone manufacturers, Oppo has managed to draw a worldwide attention by packing its handsets with outstanding features. …

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Oppo has established itself as a great band in the highly competitive smartphone market within a short time. By equipping its smartphones with unique …

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Oppo is planning on serving up yet another new handset that will feature mid-range specs and a very budget friendly price. New leaks on …

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If you were to ask consumers which Oppo smartphone was the best one, it certainly would be a very easy answer, as the Oppo …

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Just days ago, Oppo announced two more handset both sharing similar specs and are expected to appeal to a select consumer base looking for …

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Oppo recently announced the follow-up to the R5 as both the Oppo R7 and Oppo R7 Plus are set to be launched in international …

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A couple of months ago, Oppo officially announced a re-branded version of the Oppo R1c which will make it to the international community under …

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Oppo just announced a third version of the R7 as the Oppo R7 Lite joins the R7 and R7 Plus. Revealed during the launch …

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The premium version of the Oppo R7 called the Oppo R7 Plus gives consumers a bit more if you are looking for an Phablet …

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The time for rumors are all a thing of the past on what many are calling the sexiest looking smartphone of the year, and …

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The Oppo R7 is yet another smartphone that will official launch in China which has quickly become the most over-saturated smartphone market in the …