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The Meizu smartphone reviews, previews, specs, features, and updates.

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Consumer interest for the amazingly cheap Meizu M2 Note is clearly understated as reservations for the upcoming release in China just hit the 10 …

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The rumors are in, and already consumers are embracing what seems to be the premium version of the Meizu MX5. The Pro version brings …

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A few days ago we learned that Meizu is looking to launch a new handset by the name of MX5, and new leaks are …

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It’s hard to fathom that one of the best features of a new smartphone could be a physical home screen button as this is …

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New rumors days before the official debut of the Meizu m1 note 2 suggests the big button at the bottom of the display will …

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It took a very short amount of time for the Meizu m1 Note release in India prove to be one of the best as …

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The colorful Meizu m1 Note is set to launch in India in a matter of hours, as consumer will have five color options to …