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All the people love to talk about the expensive, flagship phones. But in case of buying, most of the consumers prefer to go for …

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We are heading towards the end of this year. But still, there are a plenty of new Android phones remaining to be released in …

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There are a huge number of Android smartphones in the market. But only a few of them have achieved a huge success as the …

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If you are asked to pick the best Android phone of 2015, you will definitely be confused finding the right one. But if you …

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If you are the proud owner of a Nexus 6, there is good news coming your way. Google is in the early stages of …

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There have been a lot of rumors on what Nexus is intending in 2015, and the latest suggest not one, but two smartphones will …

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Google’s long-term intentions of making Project Tango smartphones open to the public takes a step in the right direction today with the announcement of …

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New rumors suggest Huawei and Google are teaming up to bring us the next Nexus smartphone and will debut at the end of this …

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Project Ara is still in its infancy, and is already being heralded as the next best thing. While the idea of Google’s upcoming modular …

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Nexus smartphones have taken on a whole different look, and with different manufacturers creating them. LG was the last one responsible for the Nexus …

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Google will be introducing a new wave of smartphone technology with its release of the Google Project Ara smartphone. The new technology is more …