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Previews, reviews, and updates on the top Android Messaging Apps.

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The best chatting app allows you to send text messages and make video calls to your dear ones with a great quality. But more …

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Popular messaging apps have changed the way we chat. They come with more features than you ever need. Apart from messaging, the apps allow …

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If you are looking for great Android apps review, this is the right article for you. It provides the reviews of the two latest …

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There are tons of Android apps for messaging in the market. But not all of them are great. Knowing this fact, we have created …

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Android messaging apps have been very essential for smartphones and tablets. But finding the best ones sometimes becomes very difficult, as there are lots …

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You may have received the invite only request from Google asking you to update to the new “Inbox” by Gmail, and then maybe again …

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We all get ‘em, unwanted phone calls, spam texts, and telephone telemarketers, but until now we have been unable stop them from coming in. …

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RedPhone is a phone android app from the same creators that brought us TextSecure. RedPhone for Android uses the same secure technology to give …

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TextSecure is the perfect Android messaging app for those of you looking for a bit more security. The encrypted app allows users to securely …

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Google has a long list of Android apps that you may want to consider including one of the most fun and immersive text and …