Budgee; One of the Most Unique Tech Devices Out of CES 2015

CES 2015 has brought forth numerous tech devices, but one of the most unique devices is a little, cute, household robot. The pint-sized interactive robot will be intended to help out around the house by doing many of the things that we all hate to do most. Budgee is a relatively small robot that has a whole lot of charm in a 4 foot, 20 pound frame.

Budgee comes with its own set of chores, and will appeal to many people, especially the elderly. The interactive robot carrys grocery bags and other medium sized objects from one location to another, and will interact with you every step of the way. The unique technology called Follow-Me allows the Budgee robot to follow the user anywhere, anytime.

Budgee Robot

The new tech robot immersed audiences at the CES event as an extremely amusing robot with an incredible personality. Budgee follows commands, learns abilities, and even adapts to its surroundings. With the easy to use remote control, one can move the robot from one room to another at a clip of almost 2 ½ mph. With the onboard basket, one can load up to 50 pounds of groceries or other items and the robot will effortlessly move from one location to another.

Budgee was built for convenience and to help those who may need it the most. The ability to carry heavy objects or 50 pounds worth of items will appeal to those who have physical limitations or those looking for a helping hand. The help is only one amazing feature, as the professional and friendly demeanor are others.

The idea of portability can be maintained with ease as Budgee folds up for easy storage. Tuck him away and store under the bed and only call on the cute robot in times of need. The on-board battery will give you about 10 hours of use between charges, and can be purchased for $1399. Most would say that this is a small price to pay for one of the most interactive and unique home tech devices.