Bondara SexFit Fitness Tracker to be a New Sex Wearable Tech for Men

Now you can say that is virtually a way to track anything in life, and with the latest in wearable tech you can mean it. The newest addition to modern day wearable technology comes a truly unique concept called the Bondara SexFit. The new Bondara SexFit fitness tracker fits over a male’s penis and provides trackable metrics which measures performance along with many other fitness trends.

The Bondara SexFit is a new concept for men’s wearable tech, and something that is already drawing consumer’s attention. The UK manufacturer looks to be the first in this unique niche, and one that looks to draw the attention of other tech manufacturers as well.

The fitness band acts as a stimulation device as well as a tracking device. Via a Wi-Fi connection, the Bondara SexFit allows for the streaming of metrics to any supported smartphone device. The information can be viewed and stored which allows you to save, trend, and compare many useful, and personal metrics.

Bondara SexFit Fitness Tracker

Bondara SexFit Fitness Tracker Features

The following are the top Bondara SexFit Fitness Tracker Features:

  • Penis stimulation through vibration and restriction of blood flow
  • View, save, and track metrics via a Wi-Fi connection with smartphone integration
  • Active LED lights that work in rhythm to help you work a consistent thrust
  • Trackable metrics including calories burned, duration, and the amount of thrusts per minute
  • Share your personal metrics with other with integration social media sharing options

As of this time, there is no specific release date, but speculation has it out by the end of the first quarter of this year. Expected to hit stores and be available through many larger online retailers by the end of March 2015 it will be interesting to see how receptive this new concept of sex wearable tech is with men.

Only time will tell, but you can rest assured that we will have all the new updates here, and well before anywhere else.

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