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Best Weather Apps for Android 2018: 10 Apps with Consistent Updates and a Great User Feedback

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There was a time when weather forecasting was nothing more than just a fortune-telling. But fortunately, those days are gone. With a massive advancement in technology and a rapid development of apps, you are now enabled to get the forecast in the most accurate way possible. There are hundreds of weather apps for the Android phones, which have been improved steadily. Their capabilities have reached a whole new level. But which of them are considered as the best ones? In this list of the best weather apps for Android, you will find 10 highly effective forecasting apps for 2018 and beyond. Their features have been improved consistently to offer the users with the most accurate weather forecast. As a result, they have achieved an outstanding feedback on the Play Store. Take a look at these awesome apps.

Best Weather Apps for Android 2018 - Weather Timeline

Best Weather Apps for Android 2018: Weather Timeline

Weather Timeline is one of the most admired apps on the Play Store. As the name suggests, it shows the weather in a timeline to allow you to take a quick glance at all the useful information. The interface is simple, but very effective. The app has tons of options. You can choose five different weather services, which provide highly accurate forecast. You will always receive notifications whenever there is a possibility of a drastic weather change. The radar maps are very useful for seeing the visualization of the cloud and the rain. When you consider all these features, Weather Timeline easily becomes one of the best weather apps ever created.

Best Weather Apps for Android 2018 - Weather Wiz

Best Weather Apps for Android 2018: Weather Wiz

Weather Wiz is a new weather app which has achieved a huge popularity very quickly. All the credits go the cool design, beautiful themes and useful features that are presented in a unique way. The graphics and animation look stunning. The radar looks absolutely fantastic. In terms of look, it’s one of the coolest apps that we have ever seen. If you are looking for a weather app that heavily focuses on beautiful visuals and themes, you will love to use the Weather Wiz.

Best Weather Apps for Android 2018 - Weather Underground

Best Weather Apps for Android 2018: Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a highly accurate weather forecasting app. It relies on a huge network of more than 30,000 personal weather radars to deliver the users with the most accurate forecast possible. It offers tons of features. There is an interactive map, which displays all the personal weather stations around your neighborhood. The crowd reporting feature is incredibly useful for verifying the reported forecasts. You also get the access to the National Weather Service Radio. The most unique feature is the Health Tile, which provides you all sorts of health related information, including the local flu outbreaks. Overall, it is a pretty versatile app.

Best Weather Apps for Android 2018 - WeatherBug

Best Weather Apps for Android 2018: WeatherBug

Are you looking for an easy to use app that is capable of providing you with a wealth of weather information? If the answer is yes, WeatherBug is the best option for you. It features 18 weather maps, including Doppler radar and satellite, which are highly effective for analyzing the weather extensively. It also boasts targeted alerts of the drastic weather change and highly accurate forecast data. So, Weather Bug can be incredibly useful for you. There is also a traffic camera section, which can help you to avoid traffic jams during the bad weather. The design and user interface is outstanding. The app has achieved five stars from more than 600,000 users worldwide. So, you will not be disappointed using it.

Best Weather Apps for Android 2018 - YoWindow

Best Weather Apps for Android 2018: YoWindow

Wouldn’t it be amazing if a weather app presents your actual weather with a living landscape? Well, YoWindow has done just that. When there is a heavy snowfall in your area, you will see exactly the same thing in the app. Here is another example of realism. In the app, the sun rises at the same time as in real life. When you swipe the display, the time will move forward. The animated landscape will show how the weather will change. Overall, YoWindow is an incredibly effective app that presents the weather forecast in a uniquely interactive way. So, you will not be disappointed with spending only $2.99 to get it.

Best Weather Apps for Android 2018: Morecast

Morecast is a beautifully crafted app that comes with a nice design and an intuitive interface. But more importantly, it has the ability to deliver pinpoint forecast. When you open the app, you will be greeted with the current weather condition. When you scroll down, you will find more detailed information, including the change of weather with respect to hours, days and weeks. The simple interface is appreciated by both new and experienced users. The most admired features is the weather, navigation, which allows you to find the best route to your destination in the best weather condition. If you have to travel frequently, More cast can be a very effective companion for you.

Best Weather Apps for Android 2018 - The Weather Channel

Best Weather Apps for Android 2018: The Weather Channel

It has been several years since The Weather Channel saw its debut in the Play Store. But still, it is considered as one of the best weather apps that has ever been created. All the credits go to the developers who are updating it constantly with new and improved features. It offers you weather forecasts for hours, days and weeks. The app also provides you with an extra bit of information, including wind speed, humidity, UV index, visibility, ski conditions and flu data. You can also watch weather related videos on it. Overall, it’s a complete weather app. The 5 star feedback rating from more than 900,000 users says it all.

Best Weather Apps for Android 2018 - Accuweather

Best Weather Apps for Android 2018: Accuweather

There is nothing new to say about Accuweather. Having achieved 5 star feedback from over 1,000,000 users worldwide, it has become one of the most successful weather apps of all time. The MinuteCast feature has made Accuweather incredibly detail oriented. It provides you with minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts for the next two hours. The app is able to forecast all types of weather condition, including snow, ice, rain and thunderstorm. It is also loaded with tons of maps, graphs and radars. You can even watch weather forecast videos. So, if you are a weather enthusiast, you should definitely have it in your device.

Best Weather Apps for Android 2018 - Yahoo Weather

Best Weather Apps for Android 2018: Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is my most favorite one. And here are the reasons. The interface has been crafted masterfully with the combination of simplicity and the high effectiveness. It is incredibly easy to use. Even a 90 year old person who hasn’t used any smartphone before can learn using it in a few moments. The ever changing backgrounds from flicker is also a major selling point. Practically, it’s an amazing app. It offers all the information, including wind, pressure and chance of precipitation in a detailed way while maintaining a high accuracy. It also allows you to browse interactive maps to get an extensive idea about heat and snow. If you are a fan of free apps that offer incredibly useful features, you will love to use Yahoo Weather.

Best Weather Apps for Android 2018 - 1Weather

Best Weather Apps for Android 2018: 1Weather

1Weather is the simplistic app on our list. However, there is an important thing that is hiding behind the curtain of simplicity. It is the high effectiveness. The app can provide you with the real time weather update wherever you go. But more importantly, it can help you to get rid of bad conditions. It has all the necessary features that an app in its class should have. You have detailed forecasting options for the day and the week. The feature that helps 1Weather to stand out is the 12-week forecasting system. This exclusive option can help you with planning your vacations and wedding significantly. If you really need the extended forecast, you must keep the app in your device.

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