10 of the Best SMS Apps for Android Devices in 2019

SMS apps for Android may not be as popular as the instant messaging apps, like Whatsapp. But still, they have a huge market demand. A massive number of people are using them. There are thousands of SMS apps on the Play Store. But which are the best ones in 2019? Read this article to find the answer.

10. Handcent Next SMS

10. Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS comes with Cloud backup feature. So, you will never have to fear about losing your messages, even if you lost your phone. It also supports ultimate customization, allowing you to personalize fonts, bubbles and themes according to your preference. There are emojis and stickers to make your conversation more enjoyable. Other notable features of Handcent Next SMS are: blacklisting, message scheduling and sticky on top. Overall, it has everything to be one of the top SMS apps for Android in 2019.



QKSMS is a relatively new SMS app for Android. It has Material design, which makes it look really clean. The way QKSMS allows you to personalize everything is really amazing. You can choose any color to theme the entire app. It has all the typical features of an Android SMS app, including private conversation, chat backup and stickers.   

8. Mood Messenger

Mood Messenger is not a feature packed messaging app. However, it does come with the most essential ones, like blacklisting, private conversation and chat encryption. You can schedule and delay SMS sending to make necessary corrections. The design is simple, which makes the app look really great. You can customize everything, like bubble shapes and colors, notification LED, vibration and font size. Right now, Mood Messenger is one of the best SMS apps for Android devices that you can find right now.    

7. Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS works almost on any platform, including Android, Windows and iOS. It redefines the experience by making all the messages available on all of your devices simultaneously. It supports conversation backup tool. So, even if you lost your phone, you can still retrieve the past conversation. The unparalleled design and fluid animation makes Pulse SMS really cool. There are several unique features. The most significant one is the ability to send automated messages in terms of keywords, contacts and driving mode.

6. YAATA - Best SMS Apps for Android List


YAATA is a relatively new SMS app. However, it manages to achieve a massive popularity quickly. Thanks to the inclusion of several standout features, like scheduled messaging and blacklisting. The app has two quick reply styles, allowing you to respond to your significant contacts promptly at work. You can also customize the vibrations.

5. SMS Organizer - One of the Most Feature Packed SMS Apps for Android

5. SMS Organizer – One of the Most Feature Packed SMS Apps for Android

SMS Organizer has been built by Microsoft. It is tagged as the smartest SMS app on the market. It can automatically organize your inbox. Also, the app can place all the best shopping offers to a single place. In addition, it can remind you about the tasks, forward bills to your desired contact automatically and provide the live train schedule. But more importantly, it can do all these things offline. Overall, SMS Organizer is more than just a typical SMS app for Android devices.   

4. Textra SMS - One of the Best Looking SMS Apps for Android

4. Textra SMS – One of the Best Looking SMS Apps for Android

Textra SMS is one of the first apps to feature the Material Design. The interface is really clean and simple. So, you will love to use it. You can choose the color of the icons, along with the themes. To make your texting experience more enjoyable, Textra SMS comes with over 1500 emojis. Also, there are all sorts of useful features, like SMS blocking, blacklisting and scheduled SMS. The users are really happy with the performance. The overall feedback rating of 4.5 stars has made it one of the most popular SMS apps for Android devices.

3. Go SMS Pro - Best SMS Apps for Android List

3. Go SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro has a massive user base. Right now, there are almost 100 million people using it. The reason behind such a popularity is the inclusion of highly useful features. For instance, the Private Box protects your privacy by encrypting all the messages. On the other hand, the Sticky Conversations stick all the messages of the important contacts on the top, allowing you to focus effectively. SMS blocker is another cool feature. Go SMS Pro is available in both free and paid versions.

2. Chomp SMS – One of the Best SMS Apps for Android of All Time

Chomp SMS has become really old. But still, it is one of the hottest SMS apps for Android on the market. Thanks to the developer’s relentless effort for guiding it to the evolution over the years. Chomp SMS comes with a number of super handy features, like passcode lock and scheduled SMS sender. You can even stop a message while sending. It is heavily customizable. You can change the pattern of vibration, notification LED colors and a plenty of other stuff.  

1. Android Messages - The best SMS App for Android Right Now

1. Android Messages – The best SMS App for Android Right Now

Android Messages has been built by none other than the creator of the mobile operating system – Google. Probably, you already have it on your phone, as it comes preloaded. It has a neat and clean design, which is good for your eyes. The app is RCS compliant. So, you can text over Wi-Fi or data network. The search tool is very powerful. It enables you to search your past conversation with any contact quickly and effectively.   

This is the end of the article. What do you think about our list of the best SMS apps for Android? Is your favorite app missing? Share your valuable thoughts with us through the comment section.