Best Smartphone Deals on Samsung’s Products: Galaxy S6 Edge (Unlocked) at $529.99, Galaxy S5 (Refurbished) at $210

You might be wishing to have one of Samsung’s top-tier Android smartphones. But your desire is always pushed back due to your tight budget. However, after reading these best smartphone deals on Samsung’s products, you will have a new hope of becoming a proud Galaxy smartphone owner.

Galaxy S6 Edge - Best Smartphone Deals on Samsung's Products

Best Smartphone Deals: Galaxy S6 Edge (Unlocked) being Sold at Only $529.99!

The actual price tag of $769 had made Galaxy S6 Edge a too expensive smartphone to have for most of the people. However, the device is no longer beyond your financial capability. The Galaxy S6 Edge unlocked version has been provided with a 28% discount on eBay. As a result, the price has been dropped to only $529.99! It is definitely one of the best smartphone deals right at this moment.

The Galaxy S6 Edge has been packed with the 5.1-inch Super AMOLED curved display, Corning Gorilla Glass, Exynos 7420 octa-core processor and 3 GB of RAM. It also features the amazing 16-MP primary camera, which is able to capture incredible vibrant photos. Moreover, it has a powerful 2550 mAh battery, which can be charged pretty quickly with the fast charging technology. It is a strong contender for the title of this year’s best smartphone. So, you cannot afford to miss this one of the best smartphone deals in the current market.

Galaxy S5 - Best Smartphone Deals on Samsung’s Products

Best Smartphone Deals: Galaxy S5 (Refurbished) Available for Only $209.99!

In addition to the Galaxy S6 Edge, the refurbished version of Galaxy S5 has also been provided with one of the best smartphone deals. As a result, the device has come to your budget range closer than ever before. The device has been tagged with a massive 52% discount on eBay. Now, the Galaxy S5 is being sold for only $209.99, which makes the offer one of the best smartphone deals in the present market.

The Galaxy S5 has been equipped with the quad-core processor, 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display, 2GB of RAM, and dust and water resistant technologies. Despite being released one and a half year ago, the device can still run all the latest games and apps pretty smoothly. The handset is still one of the hottest device in the market, which in turn makes the latest offer one of the best smartphone deals.

These are the best smartphone deals on Samsung products in the current market. Keep in touch with us to get more information about all the latest deals.