Best Scanner App for Android: 8 Amazing Apps for Scanning Documents with the Highest Quality

Scanners have been pretty common for office and home usage. However, they are not as portable as the Android scanning apps. By using the software, you can transform your smartphone into an outstanding scanner. There are plenty of similar apps on the Play Store. But which is the best scanner app for Android phones? Read this article to find the answer.

Best Scanner App for Android - Adobe Scan

Best Scanner App for Android: Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan is one of the newest scanner apps on the market. It comes with all the things that you have been looking for. You can use color presets to make the scanned images clearer and easier to read. You can share the documents with your friends and colleague through email. You can also keep them safely on cloud. And of course, you can convert them to PDF.

Best Scanner App for Android - CamScanner

Best Scanner App for Android: CamScanner

There is nothing new to say about CamScanner. It is one of the most popular scanner apps of all time. The 5 star feedback rating from over a billion of users says it all. It allows you to scan and store a wide range of content. Apart from typical documents, it can scan the receipts, notes business cards and more. You can optimize the scan quality effectively. If you are really looking for a versatile app, CamScanner will definitely not disappoint you.

Best Scanner App for Android - Tiny Scanner

Best Scanner App for Android: Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is another highly popular app. As the name suggests, it is a tiny app that helps you to capture the images of your documents. Everything scanned is transformed into either JPEGs or PDFs. It supports a variety of sharing options, including email, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive and Box. There are different modes, including color, grayscale and black & white.

Best Scanner App for Android - Genius Scan

Best Scanner App for Android: Genius Scan

Genius Scan will scan anything with the highest quality. The way it maintains the accurate perspective and enhances the eligibility is outstanding. It supports batch scan feature, through which you can add multiple pages pretty quickly. And you can transform them into PDFs or JPEGs. Similar to other apps on this list, Genius Scan allows you to keep all of your documents on the cloud service. So, you can organize the files effectively.

Best Scanner App for Android - TurboScan

Best Scanner App for Android: TurboScan

TurboScan is one of the most powerful scanner app for Android devices. You can use it to scan and share multiple documents in PDFs or JPEGs. The quality of the captured images is absolutely fantastic. The app is packed with lots of features. The most impressive one is SureScan, which scans your document in the highest possible quality. If you focus on quality, TurboScan will be the best choice for you.

Best Scanner App for Android - Office Lens

Best Scanner App for Android: Office Lens

Office Lens is a super simple app. You just need to position your document below the camera appropriately. The rest of the work will be done by the app itself. It will detect the corners automatically. You just need to press the shutter button to capture the image. The edge detection technology of Office Lens is phenomenal. It’s really hard to find a better app in terms of the specific capability.

Best Scanner App for Android - Fast Scanner

Best Scanner App for Android: Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner has the ability to scan all the documents with an outstanding pace. It can capture the images of a variety of docs, including receipt and pages of your favorite book. All the scanned documents are converted to PDFs. The app supports a huge number of editing options. You can use them to make the scanned documents sharper and better.

Best Scanner App for Android - ClearScanner

Best Scanner App for Android: ClearScanner

ClearScanner comes with a superb processing speed. The pace at which it scans the documents is outstanding. You can use it for scanning all sorts of receipts, bills, books, magazines, class notes and more. As a result, it has become a highly effective software for not only students but also for professionals. Overall, it is an amazing app for everyone.

This is the end of our best scanner app for Android list. Which one do you like most? Share your thoughts by hitting the comment button.

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