Best Radio Apps for Android: 10 Amazing Mobile Software for the Radio Enthusiasts

There are tons of ways for listening to music on your Android smartphone. You can use the music player to play songs from your own collections. You can subscribe for streaming services and enjoy any music you want. And there is the good old way – which is tapping on the radio app and listen to the endless music. A lot of music lovers prefer this typical way, rather than investing money on streaming services. If you are one of them, this article can be very useful for you. Here, you will find the 10 best radio apps for Android devices in 2018. Take a look at them.

Best Radio Apps for Android - Audials

Best Radio Apps for Android: Audials

If you are looking for an app that features tons of radio stations, Audials is the best option for you. It has over 80,000 stations, including a wide variety of podcasts and music channels. They will keep you entertained for years to come. You can record and save the content of the stations in the microSD card without facing any copyright infringement. It’s a major selling point. If you love to record songs from the radio channels, Audials is definitely the best radio app for you right now.

Best Radio Apps for Android - Pandora

Best Radio Apps for Android: Pandora

Pandora is perhaps the oldest radio app for the platform. Despite being released 18 years ago, it still manages to maintain a massive popularity. Thanks to the inclusion of the constantly upgraded features. It supports personalized, ad-free radio stations. So, you can enjoy listening to music without any interruption. You can replay the content for unlimited times. In addition, it is able to find you awesome music with respect to your favorite genres. Overall, it’s a complete music app.

Best Radio Apps for Android - TuneIn

Best Radio Apps for Android: TuneIn

Having achieved 5-star feedback from over a million of users, TuneIn is continuing to dominate the market of Android radio apps. It features a wide range of content, including local radio shows and podcasts. However, it is more popular for the sports enthusiasts. The app has tons of content for NFL, NHL and NBA. So, if you are a lover of American sports, you will love to use TuneIn. It supports Google Voice, which you can use to find shows pretty comfortably. Just tell the voice assistant app to “OK Google, listen to NPR.” It will play the content accordingly.

Best Radio Apps for Android - iHeartRadio

Best Radio Apps for Android: iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio comes with a massive collection of radio stations. All of them are classified in different genres, including pop and country. The app will also recommend you a variety of stations based on your taste. You can either save or discard them. iHeartRadio is able to detect your location and find nearby radio channels. One of the most unique features of the app is the ability to play songs depending on your moods, including party and chill. Overall, iHeartRadio is a versatile radio app.

Best Radio Apps for Android - Simple Radio

Best Radio Apps for Android: Simple Radio

As the name suggests, Simple Radio is an app with a very simple design. However, that doesn’t mean that it is less efficient from the other ones on our list. It supports radio stations from all over the world. Just tap on the search bar and type your favorite channel. It will be found and played instantly. You can save your favorite stations pretty easily. The app is also able to recommend you the most suitable channels. And it takes only a little space in your smartphone. If you hate keeping large apps in your device, Simple Radio can be a great choice for you.

Best Radio Apps for Android - NPR One

Best Radio Apps for Android: NPR One

NPR One has achieved mixed feedback from the users. However, practically, it’s an absolutely fantastic app. It provides you with the access to tons of news content and informative podcasts. Apart from listening to the stations, you can listen to a wide range of shows, including Planet Money. You can make the app to comprehend your taste pretty easily. Just tap on the light bulb whenever the interesting stories show up. And skip the ones that you don’t like. Based on your recommendation, the app will aggregate all the most interesting stories that you will love to hear.  

Best Radio Apps for Android - SiriusXM

Best Radio Apps for Android: SiriusXM

SiriusXM is the world’s most popular satellite radio service. The company has made its way to Android with an amazing app, called SiriusXM Radio. It features over 150 channels, which are divided in several categories, including sports and music. It has all the content that you love to hear, including the Howard Stern Show. Being a relatively new app, the SirisXM Radio has got some problems. However, the developers are pretty quick to address them. They are continuing to equip the app with enhanced features.

Best Radio Apps for Android - Spotify Music

Best Radio Apps for Android: Spotify Music

There is nothing new to say about Spotify Music. It is one of the most popular radio-style streaming service on the planet. Its recommendation system is quite different from the other apps. Spotify creates and presents you a playlist of all the wonderful music that you hadn’t heard before. The WorldWide Top 50 list helps you to get updated about all the most buzzing songs. If you are a real music lover, you will not find a better app than Spotify. In fact, it is able to outsmart all other music services, including Apple Music.

Best Radio Apps for Android - XiiaLive Internet Radio

Best Radio Apps for Android: XiiaLive Internet Radio

Having achieved 4.5 stars feedback from over 40,000 users, XiaaLive Internet Radio has become one of the best radio apps for the Android devices. It supports over 50,000 radio stations worldwide. However, you can find and organize your favorite stations very easily. So, you can get their access pretty quickly at any time. You can also find tons of songs and shows worldwide. If you miss your favorite song, you can hear it by rewinding the seek bar. Overall, XiiaLive an awesome radio app for everyone.

Best Radio Apps for Android - Radio Online

Best Radio Apps for Android: Radio Online

Radio Online is definitely not the most attractive radio app on the market. Its design looks very simple. But that makes Radio Online great for everyone. Anyone can use it to find a wide range of stations, including HardRadio, 80s and 90s Mix – Best Net Radio and So, there are tons of stuffs to listen to. As a result, the popularity of Radio Online is growing day by day. The 5 star rating from more than 10,000 users says it all.