Best PlayStation Emulators for Android: 6 Best Options for Running Old Console Games on Your Smartphone

PlayStation is one of the most iconic gaming consoles of the history. It comes with a huge library of games. It helped all the leading franchises, like Tony Hawk and Final Fantasy, to achieve a massive success worldwide. You might have a great childhood memory playing games on PlayStation. Now, you can bring the memory back again using your smartphone. You just need to get one of these best PlayStation emulators for Android devices. Take a look at them.

Best PlayStation Emulators for Android - ePSXe

Best PlayStation Emulators for Android: ePSXe

ePSXe is arguably the best PS emulator on the market. It allows you to run tons of the PS1 games with a great pace. You will never face any sound related issues. There is no need for extensive configuration. ePSXe supports external gamepad controller. So, you can control everything more conveniently. If you focus on graphics, you will love to use the emulator. It supports OpenGL HD graphics. So, you can make the old games look absolutely stunning on your Android smartphone.

Best PlayStation Emulators for Android - ClassicBoy

Best PlayStation Emulators for Android: ClassicBoy

ClassicBoy supports not only PlayStation but also a variety of other consoles, including Nintendo 64 and SEGA. It also offers you a lot of features. You can customize touch screen control. You can even use an external controller. You can map the gestures into the controller. If you love to play the fighting games, ClassicBoy can be very useful. The emulator also allows you to perform certain audio setting changes, including audio reverb.

Best PlayStation Emulators for Android - FPse

Best PlayStation Emulators for Android: FPse

FPse is one of the hottest PS emulators on the market. Similar to ePSXe, it utilizes OpenGl library to generate high-quality graphics. So, even if the PS1 game is old, it will look outstanding while being run through FPse. The user interface looks really cool. Similar to the other emulators, you can customize the controls according to your need. You also get a variety of useful options, including save state feature and VR glass compatibility. FPse scans all the PS1 games on your Android device and shows their covers automatically. So, you don’t have to find all the games manually.

Best PlayStation Emulators for Android - EmuBox

Best PlayStation Emulators for Android: EmuBox

Being a multi-console emulator, EmuBox is able to run games on a variety of retro consoles, including PSX/PS1, NDS, SNES, GBA and GBC. In some cases, it is way better than most of the other emulators on the market. For instance, in most of the options, there are only two save slots. But in EmuBox, the number is 20 for every ROM, which is really cool. It also has a much better user interface. Thanks to the application of material design.

Best PlayStation Emulators for Android - RetroArch

Best PlayStation Emulators for Android: RetroArch

RetroArch is considered as one of the best PlayStation emulators on the market. Basically, it’s an open source project, which utilizes Liberto for making cross platform application platforms. It supports OpenGL for producing high-quality graphics. Despite having great graphics, RetroArch fails to achieve a great feedback from the general users. And here is the reason. When you download any system, it is being saved as a plugin. So, you have to go through an additional layer of complexity for making everything work.

Best PlayStation Emulators for Android - PPSSPP

Best PlayStation Emulators for Android: PPSSPP

PPSSPP allows you to play PSP games on your Android smartphone. It can run everything flawlessly. However, the pace may vary depending on the hardware of your device. However, no game is included with the emulator. You have to convert your PSP games to .ISO or .CSO files and put them on the SD card. Then you will be able to play them using PPSSPP.

This is the end of our list of the best PlayStation emulators for Android. Keep in touch with us to find more amazing gaming software.

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