Best Free Android Apps: 10 Highly Useful Apps that You can Get Without Spending A Penny

Everyone loves free apps, as they offer great features while costing absolutely no money. The developers are well aware about the fact. That’s why, they have built countless number of free apps. The Play Store is full of them. As a result, it has become really difficult to find the best ones. To help you, we have compiled a list of the 10 best free Android apps. It covers a variety of software that will continue to offer the best options and services in this year and beyond. Take a look at them.

Best Free Android Apps - Nova Launcher

Best Free Android Apps: Nova Launcher

There is nothing new to say about Nova Launcher. It is one of the oldest and most successful Android launchers on the market. It offers thousands of icons themes. You can use them to overhaul the look of the operating system. The backup system is outstanding. You can use it to restore the settings pretty easily. The app is optimized really well. As a result, it can work at an incredible pace. There are some features, including Gestures, for which you have to purchase the Prime version. However, there is no need to get it. The free version alone has tons of features to keep making the interface look different.

Best Free Android Apps - Signal

Best Free Android Apps: Signal

Signal is an awesome messaging app. It has a very simple design. But behind it, there is a robust security system. In fact, in terms of security, it can go toe to toe with WhatsApp. So, if you are worried about the privacy and protection, Signal can be a great choice for you. In addition to chatting, you can make video calls. So, it can be a great alternative to Skype and Google Hangouts.

Best Free Android Apps - Feedly

Best Free Android Apps: Feedly

Having achieved 5 star feedback from more than 200,000 users, Feedly has become one of the most successful news apps on the store. It works as a hub for all types of news. Just subscribe to your favorite news websites and get updates from them simultaneously. In addition, it supports a variety of podcasts and YouTube channels. If you are really busy with your work and find a very little time to look at the trending news, Feedly can be incredibly useful for you.

Best Free Android Apps - Bring!

Best Free Android Apps: Bring!

There are tons of shopping list apps on the Play Store. But none of them is like Bring. It comes with a unique design, which we haven’t seen in any similar app before. The sharing function is outstanding. It is created in such a system that makes your family members aware about the stuffs that need to be purchased. If you are struggling with planning and managing your shopping, Bring is a must have app for you.

Best Free Android Apps - Phonograph

Best Free Android Apps: Phonograph

Phonograph is arguably regarded as the best music app for the Android devices. It comes with the Material design, which can stun you at the very first sight. Unlike Winamp, you can navigate around all the options pretty easily. It doesn’t have too many pages to scroll through. So, even if you are a casual user, you will not face any problem using it. Phonograph is able to download the images of the artists and their biographies. So, if you are curious about the unknown singers of your favorite songs, you will love to use it.

Best Free Android Apps - Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Best Free Android Apps: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is the best free antivirus for Android devices. It scans everything in your smartphone or tablet to find all the viruses and harmful stuffs. It also protects you from ransomware and adware. The app does all these things in real time. So, there is no chance of your device for being affected. Malwarebytes is able to identify all sorts of harmful links in emails and text messages. So, you will never have to worry about the security.

Best Free Android Apps - LastPass

Best Free Android Apps: LastPass

There is nothing new to say about LastPass. It is one of the most popular password management app on the store. The overall feedback rating of 4.6 stars says it all. The app generates and stores your passwords and other information, including credit cards and photos, in a vault. Only you can access them. If you save anything in your smartphone, it will be immediately available in all of your other Android devices, including tablets and TVs. It’s really difficult to find an easier and more effective password management app than LastPass.

Best Free Android Apps - CamScanner

Best Free Android Apps: CamScanner

CamScanner is one of the most successful document scanning apps of all time. The overall feedback rating of 4.6 says it all. You can use it to transform your smartphone camera to a portable scanner. You can capture the photos of notes, receipts, service cards etc and turn them into PDF documents. You can share them by using your email ID. You can also save them to Dropbox. In addition, there is an option for printing and faxing. If you are a professional who need to scan documents frequently, CamScanner can be a great option for you.

Best Free Android Apps - Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Best Free Android Apps: Adobe Photoshop Sketch

If you are an artist, Adobe Photoshop Sketch is a must have app for you. You can use it to create spectacular artworks. You can develop it further on the desktop version while retaining the same layers. There are only 11 tools. However, by mastering all of them, you can easily adjust settings for size, color and opacity pretty comfortably. You can create your own custom Sketch brushes with Capture CC. Overall, it’s a really cool app for the graphics enthusiasts.

Best Free Android Apps - Waze

Best Free Android Apps: Waze

Waze is one of the best free Android apps for all the travelers. It provides real time traffic alert to all the users. You will get notifications about all sorts of road information, including accidents and police hazard, which driving around. Similar to other apps, it provides you with an estimation of your arrival time. The most amazing feature of Waze is the ability to find you the cheapest gasoline around your area. So, by using it, you can save tons of money.