Best Android Apps 2018: 10 of the Most Admired Apps of this Year

In 2018, the number of apps on the Play Store has increased to 3.8 million. It’s literally quite impossible to experience all of them. Wouldn’t it be cool if you find the opportunity to experience only the best ones? Well, after taking a look at this best Android apps 2018 list, you will be able to do just that. Here, you will find 10 of the most admired Android mobile software of this year. Now, let’s dive in.     

Best Android Apps 2018 - 1Weather

Best Android Apps 2018: 1Weather

1Weather is regarded as the best Android weather app in 2018. It presents all the information in a simple, but a highly effective way. The paginated design helps you to go through everything quickly. You get all the standard features, including forecasts, maps, radar and severe weather alert. And you can get everything absolutely free. There is a paid version, which removes the ads. But you don’t need it, as the free version gives you all the features

Best Android Apps 2018 - LastPass Password Manager

Best Android Apps 2018: LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password Manager has been in the market for several years. And still, it retains its position as one of the most reliable password management apps on the market. It allows you to get a full access to your devices with a single master password. You can find similar alternatives on the market. But LastPass is a way ahead in the competition.

Best Android Apps 2018 - Pocket Casts

Best Android Apps 2018: Pocket Casts

PocketCasts is one of the best podcast apps of this year. It has managed to achieve a huge popularity within a very short time. Thanks to the great design and smart tools. The beautiful Material design can draw your attention at the very first sight. You can skip episode intros and head right into the main content. The app downloads podcasts automatically for offline viewing. So, if you frequently visit remote places with little to no internet connectivity, it can be very effective for you.

Best Android Apps 2018 - Pulse SMS

Best Android Apps 2018: Pulse SMS

PulseSMS is the most popular SMS app of this year. It has been packed with tons of useful features, including password protected conversations and a spammer blacklist. The design and animation are really cool. The searching tool is very powerful. You can use it to find your desired conversation within a few seconds. All of the messages are stored in the cloud with end-to-end encryption. So, they will never be leaked.

Best Android Apps 2018 - SwiftKey Keyboard

Best Android Apps 2018: SwiftKey Keyboard

If you are looking for a highly effective keyboard, you should try using SwiftKeyKeyboard. It has been in the market for several years. But it continues to earn a massive popularity. Thanks to its smart way of learning and adapting to your writing styles. In other words, SwiftKey enables you to type at an incredibly fast pace by learning your unique style. There are about 100 themes.You can use them to customize the keyboard.   

Best Android Apps 2018 - TickTick

Best Android Apps 2018: TickTick

TickTick is an amazing to do app. It comes with all the essential features, like recurring tasks and push notifications. You can use it to share an entire category of tasks with other people. As a result, you can collaborate with your colleagues effectively. The intuitive design has made the app really easy to use. You can create tasks and notes pretty quickly.

Best Android Apps 2018 - Zedge

Best Android Apps 2018: Zedge

If you are looking for a massive collection to tons of ringtones and wallpapers, you must get Zedge for your device. It offers you millions of sounds and HD wallpapers absolutely free. The sound quality of the ringtones is very high. The wallpapers look stunning. You can customize them by using stickers. Zedge also offers you various new content on different occasions, like Christmas and Halloween.  

Best Android Apps 2018 - Cymera

Best Android Apps 2018: Cymera

Cymera is the hottest selfie camera app on the market. It comes with tons of features to make your photos look absolutely stunning. You can beautify the shots by using various filters, blurry effect and even makeup. There are also a number of cool selfie stickers. You can change the hairstyle and color as well. If you are a selfie enthusiast, Cymera is a must have app for you.

Best Android Apps 2018 - Avast Mobile Security

Best Android Apps 2018: Avast Mobile Security

Avast has been in the antivirus industry for years. It has brought its expertise to the Android devices with the Avast Mobile Security. Apart from detecting and eliminating viruses, it can block annoying calls and create the firewall. It can also work as a VPN, a PhotoVault, a RAM Booster, a Junk Cleaner and a Wi-Fi speed tester. Overall, Avast Mobile Security is one of the most versatile apps in its class.

Best Android Apps 2018 - Adobe Scan

Best Android Apps 2018: Adobe Scan

As the name suggests, AdobeScan transforms your Android device into an outstanding portable scanner. You can scan literally everything, including receipts, notes, business cars, photos and office documents. You can touch up the captured images to make them significantly sharper and clearer. The app comes with Automatic OCR, which transforms text into editable and reusable content.

This is the end of our best Android apps 2018 list. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts by hitting the comment button.

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