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Beach Buggy Blitz Android Game App Review and Free Download

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If you’re looking for a high quality, free Android game that looks as good as it plays, then consider Beach Buggy Blitz. Beach Buggy Blitz Android is a top rated free game that looks more like a game that you would see on a console instead on a mobile device. Good graphics, addictive gameplay, and a whole lot of beach buggy driving.

Beach Buggy Blitz Android game app gives you hours and hours of fun right on your Android smartphone or tablet. The game itself is free to download and play, and there are some, but not too many in-app purchases. The in-app purchases are few and far between when comparing it to many other Android games, but does offer much more fun.

Beach Buggy Blitz Android Game App Review

Driving, smashing, swerving, and much more can be done through amazing 3D rendered environments. The high quality visual display is one of the best aspects, along with the highly addictive gameplay. Also, the game itself has been built to support many mobile devices that render higher in quality depending on the specifications on the device itself.

Beach Buggy Blitz Android Game App Features

Below are all the top Beach Buggy Blitz Android Game App Features:

  • Stunning graphics, addictive gameplay, and supported on both Android smartphones and tablets
  • Free to download and play with in-app purchases which extends gameplay
  • Unlockable content including cars, vehicle upgrades, characters, and performance power-ups
  • Connect to the cloud and save your progress, accomplishments, and scores and retrieve from one device to another
  • Special effects on quad-core mobile Android devices

Free Beach Buggy Blitz Android Game App Download

Feel free to get the Beach Buggy Blitz Android game app download through the exclusive link below:

Beach Buggy Blitz for Android Download

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