Avast or AVG for Android: Which is the best antivirus for your device in 2019?

Which is the best antivirus for mobile devices? Is it Avast or AVG for Android? The two antiviruses have been in the market for years. They have managed to achieve a huge reputation for their awesome service and features. They can detect and eliminate the viruses from your Android devices flawlessly. The antiviruses can keep your device safe from malicious software, phishing attempts and hacking attempts efficiently. However, which is the better option? Is it Avast or AVG for Android devices? After reading this article, you will find a detailed answer to this question. Now, let’s dive in.

Avast or AVG for Android Features

Avast or AVG for Android: Features


Apart from fighting against the malware, the best Android antivirus app comes with a variety of advanced features for boosting the security of your Android device.

Avast comes with all the tools to protect your phone from malwares and viruses. Whenever you launch the app, the very first thing that comes to you is the green Scan button. Tapping it will initiate the scanning process for virus and a variety of malwares, like spyware and Trojans.

The App Permissions feature, known as Privacy Advisor, scans all of the installed apps. Then it sorts them in terms of high, average and low permissions. By using this feature, you can prevent the permission offenders from overstepping the bounds.

The Firewall feature of Avast is available only for rooted Android phones. It allows you to control internet access for specific apps. You can block the access permanently or whenever the device is not in the Wi-Fi network.

Avast’s Web Shield protects the device from all sorts of security threats while browsing through the web. Apart from the native Android browser, it works with Chrome, Amazon Silk browser and the Boat browser.

Avast comes with several highly advanced features, including a firewall for monitoring your network traffic. The Wi-Fi security feature ensures high protection for public Wi-Fi networks, emails and online transactions.  

There are a number of advanced anti-theft features. Whenever an incorrect pin is entered, Avast captures the photo of the person grabbing your phone. Also, the removal of SIM card activates the Mark as Lost command. It triggers the tracking of the lost phone. Moreover, the paid version allows the users to record ambient sound.

The app locker feature has been highly enhanced. It allows you to lock the apps on your phone with your fingerprint. Also, Avast features SecureLine VPN. It enables you to surf online anonymously. So, your privacy will not be hampered.


AVG offers a freemium solution to the Android smartphones and tablets, which is known as AVG Antivirus 2019 for Android Security Free. It is a feature packed app. In addition to the core antivirus feature, it comes with the Wi-Fi security scanner. As a result, the Wi-Fi hackers will face a very hard time intruding your device.  

AVG comes with a pretty robust scanning feature. It utilizes the dual-engine antivirus to scan all of your apps and games and eliminate the malicious content. Also, it scans websites on the default Android web browser, along with Google Chrome, to eliminate security threats.

There are several privacy features, including Photo Vault for hiding private photos through the password protection system, and Call Blocker to prevent spammers and scammers. AVG has been packed with the built-in VPN protection. So, you will never have to worry about the security of your online privacy.

AVG comes with a variety of Anti-Theft features. You can use them to locate and lock your lost phone, along with wiping the content remotely. With the Theftie feature, AVG can discreetly email you the photo of the thief.  


Now, which is the best one when it comes to features? Is it Avast or AVG for Android devices? AVG has some really good features. However, Avast has significantly more advanced features than its competitor.

Avast or AVG for Android - Price

Avast or AVG for Android: Price


Apart from the free version, Avast is available in two premium plans – Pro and Ultimate. The Pro version offers your device a complete security from all sorts of threats. Also, it supports camera trap, allowing you to capture the photo of the thief secretly.

The App Lock feature keeps the sensitive content secure by locking the apps with a pin code, pattern or fingerprint. Moreover, your Avast experience will never be interrupted by ads. The Pro Version costs you $7.87.

The Ultimate version has been packed with pretty much the same features as the Pro plan. However, unlike the counterpart, it comes with VPN, allowing you to hide your online activities effectively. Also, it enables you to change the location and enjoy streaming services from any part of the world. The Ultimate version costs you $19.80 per month.


AVG comes with two premium plans, Pro and Ultimate. Also, it’s available for free.

The free plan gives you basic antivirus, Wi-Fi security and Web Shield. However, by only spending $7.87 every year, you can bring a massive boost in the security of your mobile device with the premium plan, known as Pro. It offers you several cool features, like Camera Trap, which secretly captures the photo of the thief, who has stolen your phone. You can also check the last location of the device before it runs out of juice. Moreover, it provides App Lock feature and Direct Support.

If you want to get an even more strengthened security, you can go for the Ultimate plan. It costs $18.61 per year. Apart from all the features of the Pro version, it offers you VPN protection, allowing you to keep all the online activities private. Also, the VPN Protection ensures highly secured transactions. So, you can bank and shop safely online.


Now, which offers more with respect to the price? Is it Avast or AVG for Android devices?

AVG offers you far more features with respect to the money it costs. So, in this round, Avast fails to clinch the win.

Avast or AVG for Android - User Friendliness

Avast or AVG for Android: User Friendliness


Avast has a massive reputation for its clean and understandable user interface. It’s really easy to use, even for the beginners. For most of the part, you will find the options that you are looking for very quickly. You don’t have to scroll all the way down to get it.

The light interface looks simple and elegant at the same time. When you launch the app, you will find the large, orange colored Scan button. You will find all the essential features, including Scan Wi-Fi and VPN protection, right below it. So, you don’t have to go through different screens to find your desired option.

Moving down the screen, you will find additional features or ads.


AVG comes with a pretty similar design as Avast. When you enter into the app, the very first thing that you will see is a green scan button. Tapping on it will initiate the virus scanning process on your Android phone. So, you will not have to go through additional screens to do it.

Right below the scan button, you will find four different options, Boost RAM, Clean Junk, Scan Wi-Fi and Photo Vault. You will find more features while scrolling down, along with ads. So, there’s absolutely no hassle finding the right options. You get everything all in a single place.

Tapping on the menu button, you will find several highly useful features, like App Locking, Wi-Fi security and Wi-Fi speed. You will also find App Insights, Power Save and Firewall.


Which is more user friendly, Avast or AVG for Android? Both of them come with clean and simple interface. However, the interface of AVG is more straightforward than Avast. For this reason, AVG wins this round.

Avast or AVG for Android Malware Protection

Avast or AVG for Android: Malware Protection

Which is the best one when it comes to malware protection? Is it Avast or AVG for Android devices?

The ability to protect your Android device from the malware is the most important factors for choosing the best Android antivirus. A great way of analyzing the capability of malware protection is analyzing the test conducted by AV-Test, a German based testing lab.

According to the latest evaluation of AV-Test, Avast has managed to detect 100 of the malware attacks in Android devices. It’s significantly better than the industry standard of 96.8%. Also, the detection rate for wide spreading Android malware is 100%. It’s higher than the industry standard of 97.6%.

AVG has also shown a marvelous performance. Its detection rate of malware attacks and wide spreading Android malware is 100%. As a result, it has become one of the best Android antiviruses that you can find right now.


Both Avast and AVG is capable of detecting all sorts of malware in your Android phones. So, it’s a tie.  

Avast or AVG for Android: Performance

Have you ever wondered whether Avast or AVG for Android cause any negative impact on your phone? Well, none of them affects the performance of the device while working in the background. They will never slow down your phone or tablet during normal use. There is also no issue with the battery life. Both of them don’t consume extra juice, allowing the device to last longer. Also, they don’t generate too much traffic.


It’s a tie as well in terms of overall performance.

Avast or AVG for Android: Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is another vital factor for choosing the better option. In this case, which is the best one? Is it Avast or AVG for Android devices?

According to the Better Business Bureau, Avast has A+, which is the highest rating ranging from A to F. Same thing goes for AVG. The satisfaction has been reflected in the user feedback rating on Play Store. Both of the antiviruses have achieved an overall feedback of 4.7, which is outstanding.


It’s a tie. Both Avast and AVG reigns supreme when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Avast or AVG for Android: The Verdict

When you think about the features specifically, Avast is the clear winner. It has more options than its competitor. However, it doesn’t mean that AVG is a bad choice. It offers tons of stuffs while costing lower money than Avast. The malware protection and the overall performance are pretty much the same. Same thing goes for user friendliness and customer satisfaction.

So, if you emphasize on features, Avast is the best option for you. However, if you want to make the best use of the bucks, AVG is the right choice for you.

This is the end of the article. Now, you can decide whether to use Avast or AVG for Android devices.

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