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Asus Zenwatch Review: A Stylish, High-Performance and Inexpensive Smartwatch

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The Asus Zenwatch was revealed around more than a year ago. But still, it has a huge demand in the market due to its amazing design and high-performance components. In this article, you will find a detailed Asus Zenwatch review, which provides an honest description about its pros and cons.

Asus Zenwatch Review - A Stylish, High-Performance and Inexpensive Smartwatch

Asus Zenwatch Review: Design

The Asus Zenwatch has been crafted beautifully. Rather than choosing the round or square shape like other smartwatch manufacturers, Asus decides to round out the square’s edges. As a result, the ticker of the smartwatch looks really cool. It also has a bezel in brushed steel and a stylish leather strap. Overall, the device has been built with such a design that is not only stylish but also comfortable. For this reason, we provide the smartwatch with a positive feedback in our Asus Zenwatch review.

Asus Zenwatch Review: Display

The Zenwatch features a 1.63-inch, 320 x 320 pixel resolution display. It has a pixel density of 278 ppi, which is slightly higher than its major competitors, including LG G Watch R and Sony Smartwatch 3. As a result, it is able to produce a sharper view than the displays of its rivals. In addition, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 has been applied to enhance the durability of the display. However, there is only one issue. It doesn’t have any ambient light sensor. Nonetheless, it is one of the best smartwatch displays in the current market.

Asus Zenwatch Review: Hardware

The Zenwatch has been equipped with the Qualcomm APQ8026 processor. It is surprisingly fast, as it clocks up to 1.7-GHz. In combination with the 512 MB RAM, the device has been transformed into one of the fastest smartwatches in the current market. Moreover, 4 GB internal storage has been used. So, you will never have to worry about the shortage of storage issue. So, in terms of hardware, the device deserves a positive feedback in our Asus Zenwatch review.

Asus Zenwatch Review: Fitness

The Zenwatch has been specifically built with a concern for your general well-being, instead of tracking your fitness activities, including the number of steps and the total distance of your run. As a result, there is no GPS or heart-rate tracking system. But it does have an integrated biosensor that is able to provide you with one-off heart rate analysis. Many of you may argue that there should have been more fitness options. But the particular feature seems to be a great one for a $200 device. For this reason, in terms of fitness, the device gets a good feedback in our Asus Zenwatch review.

Asus Zenwatch Review: Battery

The Asus Zenwatch has a 369 mAh battery. It is more powerful than the 320 mAh battery of Moto 360. As a result, it is able to provide the device with enough juice to keep operating for more than a day. But it will not make up to two days. But still, the particular back-up period is not bad for a smartwatch.

Asus Zenwatch Review: The Verdict

The Asus Zenwatch may lack some of your desired fitness options. But still, it is one of the best smartwatches in the current market. It has been packed with powerful components. It also has a premium look. Again, it has a great display. Moreover, it is available at a cheap price. So, it is definitely a device that the middle class consumers will be interested to have.

This is the end of our Asus Zenwatch review. Keep in touch with us to get more reviews on the latest smartwatches.

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