Asus Smartwatch Review: Zenwatch 2 with an Outstanding Battery Backup Time

The Zenwatch 2 is Asus’ second attempt to make its wearable lineup the best one in the market. But is it really worth buying? Read this Asus smartwatch review to get the detailed answer.

Asus Smartwatch Review - Zenwatch 2 with an Outstanding Battery Backup Time

Asus Smartwatch Review: Design

Zenwatch 2 retains the rounded square design of its predecessor. If you are not a fan of circular smartwatches, it will surely draw your attention. It is really sleek and very comfortable to wear. Even wearing it for several hours, you will never feel any extra weight or any other issues. So, practically, it’s a really great wearable device. But aesthetically, it resembles Apple Watch. Asus should have used a different design in order to produce the device with a unique identity. Nonetheless, due to the comfort it offers, it gets a positive feedback in our Asus smartwatch review.

Asus Smartwatch Review: Display

The 1.63-inch AMOLED display has a great pixel density of 278 ppi. Everything, like images, icons and texts, looks absolutely crystal clear. While it was a bit difficult to read texts on the display of its predecessor during bright sunlight, you will never face any similar issue with the latest one. As a result, it deserves a great feedback from us in our Asus smartwatch review.

Asus Smartwatch Review: Features

The Zenwatch 2 comes with several new features. For instance, it comes with the Wi-Fi connectivity. But it doesn’t have a major feature, which is the heart rate sensor. But on the bright side, it has options for tracking your fitness. It uses Asus’s own Wellness app and Google Fit to track the number of your steps, the distance you run or walk and the calories that has been burnt. Another good feature of the device is IP67 certification, which means it is dust and water resistant.

Asus Smartwatch Review: Hardware and Performance

The Zenwatch 2 features a pretty standard hardware, including the Snapdragon 400 processor and 512 MB RAM. As a result, it is able to perform with a pretty decent standard. All the apps are opened very quickly. You will hardly face any lagging issue. However, sometimes, we notice an abrupt pause while opening some apps. But this type of minor issue cannot overshadow Zenwatch 2’s ability to perform brilliantly.

Asus Smartwatch Review: Battery

The battery of the Zenwatch 2 is really great. While the other smarwatches struggle with the battery performance, Zenwatch 2 is found to last two days pretty comfortably. More interestingly, it can last even three and a half day with minimal usage. So, the battery definitely deserves an outstanding feedback in our Asus smartwatch review.

Asus Smartwatch Review: Is it really worth buying?

If you really want a smarwatch with the heart rate sensor, the Zenwatch is not for you. But if you want to have a great smartwatch that has a great battery life and is really comfortable to wear, it is really worth buying.  More importantly, if you do not have enough budget to buy a premium smartwatch, like Apple Watch, it can be an amazing device for you.

This is the end of our Asus smartwatch review. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts by hitting the comment button.

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