Apple Music Streaming Available for Android Smartphones Q3

One of the many announcements out of Apple’s Developer conference concerns the popular music streaming service. Apple Music rivals that of some of the others including Google Play and Spotify and here in a couple of months will be accessible by Android users.

The Apple Music to Android will be available during the fall and allows users who already have a library or enjoy streaming music with a touch of Apple to stream the very same music to Android smartphones. There was no mention about other Android devices such as tablets or Smart TV’s, but we’re sure it’s only a matter of time.

Apple Music Streaming Available to Android Smartphones Q3

The features and price of Apple Music is comparable to other services, but Apple’s branding may go along way. Many Android users already have a compatible music service, so making the switch may not make sense.

Apple is one of the latest to enter the realm of digital music streaming, and in a short time has grown considerably. You can test drive the service for three months free, and after that subscription based plans will cost you $9.99/month. If there’s more than just yourself you can pay only $14.99 for up to six people.