Android Weather Apps Review: 1Weather and Arcus Weather

If you want to find the best weather app, you must read the apps review. They can provide you with all the pros and cons of the apps, which, in turn, makes your job of choosing the best one pretty easy. In this article, you will find two Android weather apps review simultaneously. Take a look at them.

Android Weather Apps Review - 1Weather


Android Weather Apps Review: 1Weather

1Weather is one of the most beautifully crafted Android weather apps in the market. Featuring an amazing interface and outstanding animations, it has been successfully able to draw the attention of the global smartphone users.

Entering into the app, you will go sweep across the home – screen styled eight pages containing a wide range of information, including today’s weather, seven day forecast and radar shot of your locality. Most of these pages feature beautiful animations, for which the app receives a great feedback from all the Android weather apps review. The background, a wood panel, looks really nice. However, you cannot set your own background.

You will find a small tab on the top right. Tapping it, you can change the location. If your friends are in different parts of the world, you can easily view the weather of their areas.

1Weather provides you with more information than most other weather apps on the market. It provides you with not only the weather forecast but also the precipitation forecast and severe weather alert.

The circular 2×2 widget is really great. It looks absolutely fantastic on the home screen. It displays useful information, including the chance for rain.

Overall, 1Weather is a great app. If you are looking for a weather app with a great design and a wide range of features, it is definitely the right choice for you.

Android Weather Apps Review - Arcus Weather

Android Weather Apps Review: Arcus Weather

Arcus Weather may not be as popular as the other weather apps, like Yahoo Weather. But it is definitely one of the most reliable weather apps that you can find on the market.

For instance, if it says that the rain will start in 10 minutes, there is a 100 % possibility of happening so. More specifically, its users have informed that after being notified that the rain would begin in 7 minutes, they waited to see if it would. It took only a few minutes for the Arcus Weather to prove how accurate it was! It started to rain! Due to the extreme accuracy, it has been praised by all the Android weather apps review.

Entering into the app, you will find a standard front page of a typical weather app. Tapping on the Next 60 Hours option, you will find a beautiful graph showing precipitation intensity. Selecting the Next 48 Hours feature, you will get an hour by hour breakdown of the chance for rainfall.

The widgets look pretty cool on the home screen. You have different choices, including Dark Light, Transparent – Dark and Transparent – Light.

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