Android Weather App Reviews: Sunshine and Amber Weather

The Android weather apps have received a major advancement during the last several years. They have become more accurate, effective and stylish. In this article, you will find two Android weather app reviews simultaneously.

Android Weather App Reviews - Sunshine

Android Weather App Reviews: Sunshine

Sunshine has achieved a huge popularity from the iOS users due to the great design and highly accurate weather forecast. And now, it has been made available for the Android smartphones. Despite not being officially announced, it is now available for beta testing. Let’s take a look at it.


The design looks pretty cool. It has colorful shapes that make the app really eye-catching. The color looks really bright and the texts look clean. The app has many signature iOS design features, which are really great.

Unique Weather Analyzing System

The developers of the app created Sunshine to get rid of the inaccurate weather forecasts at the local beach. That’s why, they use a very unique concept. They utilize different sensors on the phone to analyze on-site weather condition, rather than relying on the data of the typical weather services, which often provide inaccurate forecast. It ensures that the current weather condition is accurately analyzed. Due to this unique approach, the Sunshine gets a great feedback from all the Android weather app reviews.

Social Media

With the social media component of the Sunshine, you can see how the other users of the app are feeling about the weather of their areas. It can potentially help you to get a good idea about what can happen next, like heavy shower or storm.  Using the information of the other users effectively, you can get rid of bad weathers while going for a trip.

The Verdict

The weather analyzing system of the Sunshine looks really cool and unique. And with the implementation of the social media component, it has become a handy tool for getting a more accurate weather forecast.

Android Weather App Reviews - Amber Weather

Android Weather App Reviews: Amber Weather

Being rated with 47000 five stars, Amber Weather is one of the most popular Android apps on the current market. Due to its impressive performance, it has drawn a worldwide attention. Let’s take a look at this amazing app.


The app has been designed with colorful visuals, which look really great. The Home Screen display looks amazing. It shows the weather forecast of your locality in an extremely detailed way. And Menu is available in 5 amazing color options.

The most amazing feature of the app is the transparency concept of the widget. It is simply amazing and has been praised by all the Android weather app reviews.

Weather Forecast

The Amber Weather provides you with a highly accurate hourly and daily weather forecast. It uses multi weather data source service. So, there is hardly any chance of getting the inaccurate forecast. The app offers intuitive information about wind speed, direction, temperature and other important factors. It provides support for the climate of over ten thousand cities. It also supports World Clock. So, if you travel frequently, it can be very handy for you.

Smart Alert

Whenever the weather is being changed, the app alerts you about the matter through the push notification system on your Android Wear device. So, you can make the best use of your wearable device.

The Verdict

Amber Weather looks and works really great. If you are looking for a highly stylish and effective weather app for your device, it is definitely the right choice for you.

This is the end of the article. Keep in touch with us to get more Android weather app reviews.

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