Android Weather App Reviews: Weather Timeline and Klara

If you are looking for the latest Android weather app reviews, you have come to the right place. This article provides you with the reviews of the two hottest Android weather apps in the market – Weather Timeline and Klara. Take a look at them.

Android Weather App Reviews - Weather Timeline

Android Weather App Reviews: Weather Timeline

Within a short time Weather Timeline has emerged as a huge threat to the leading weather apps, including the Yahoo Weather. Thanks to its great design and an extremely useful set of functions. Being inspired by the Material Design, the designers have used the dark material theme, which has taken the look of the app to a new level. As a result, it has received a massive admiration from the different Android weather app reviews.

Its weather forecast system is pretty cool. You can view the forecast not only for the day but also break it into different timeslots to get a more detailed information. You can even view the forecasts for the upcoming weeks and months. Thanks to the time machine feature.

If you prefer to use the service of multiple weather providers, there is absolutely no problem. The Weather Timeline app allows you to do so. This is the feature that most of the Android weather apps do not have. For this reason, different Android weather app reviews praised it.

You can see the current weather without entering into the main app. It comes with a couple of widgets that enable you to view the information on the home screen.

The Weather Timeline app supports the Android Wear. So, you can easily check the weather forecast from the device on your wrist. Moreover, it is able to display amazing graphs that cover different important information, including the precipitation and the temperature.

Overall, the Weather Timeline is one of the best Android apps in the market. The 4.7-star feedback rating on the Play Store and the praise from different Android weather app reviews say it all.

Android Weather App Reviews - Klara

Android Weather App Reviews: Klara

Klara is one of the most simple Android weather apps in the market. It offers you with the weather forecasts through a very easy to read charts. As a result, it has become a great app for not only the meteorologist but also for everyone.

The forecast data offered by Klara comes from MET Norway, which has a great reputation for providing highly-accurate information. Due to the extreme accuracy, it has been praised heavily by most of the Android weather app reviews.

Similar to the Weather Timeline, Clara comes with the Material Design. As a result, it looks really cool.

Klara comes with all the features that a weather app should have. It provides you with the detailed information about temperature, humidity, pressure, precipitation, wind speed and cloud coverage. It is also able to provide you with the short term and long term weather forecast.

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