Android Tablets Experience a Slowdown in 2014, 2015 Sales Expectations are Hopeful

There was a time when tablets were the most sought after mobile devices with the trend being that tablet sales had surpassed that of home based computers. With the trend still holding strong in most homes worldwide, the q4 Android tablet sales may suggest otherwise. With Android tablets becoming the top selling tablets on the market today, it leads us to wonder what the future trend in mobile technology will be.

Late 2014 experienced a slowdown in Android tablet sales, but in pales in comparison to the overall sales during the year. While current data shows us that there was a over a 20% drop in tablets shipped during the 4th quarter of 2014 compared to the same quarter 2013, the overall sales during the year was up. Despite the significant drop in sales around the holidays, sales were actually up almost 10% than the preceding year.

Android Tablets Experience a Slowdown in 2014

Most of the top Android tablet manufacturers were down in sales during the end of the year including Samsung and Asus. Apple tablets also experienced a significant drop in sales during q4 2014, down nearly 18%. Lenovo had one of the biggest increases, up almost 10%.

Most analysts are suggesting that the current trend of declining tablet sales is attributed to the increased size of the average smartphone. When considering that some of the top selling smartphones, most noticeably the Galaxy Note series and the Apple iPhone Plus series is almost the same size as many mid-level tablets. The 5.6 and 5.7” screen sizes of the Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus rivals that of many smaller sized tablets.

This trend is expecting to continue into 2015 as consumers are starting to turn to larger, faster, and more efficient smartphones. Giving us the ability to do the same things right on our smartphones almost replaces the idea of needing a tablet all-together. As consumers look to increase mobile functionality, the idea of having one device for all is getting to be too good to pass up.

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