Android Tablet Reviews Praise Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 for the Eye Catching Look and Solid Performance, but Find Several Issues

Android tablet reviews can play a significant role to help you choosing the best large screened gadget. More importantly, they provide you with all the detailed pros and cons of the device. In this article, you will find what the reviews of the top rated publications say about Samsung’s one of the hottest tablets – Galaxy Tab S2 8.

Android Tablet Reviews Praise Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 for the Eye Catching Look and Solid Performance, but Find Several Issues

Android Tablet Reviews: Tech Radar Admires the Thin Design of Galaxy Tab S2, but Finds Battery Life a Bit Short

Tech Radar, one of the most popular online publications, has covered the Galaxy Tab S2 8 in a detailed review. It praises the extremely thin design, which makes the device easy to grab. It also admires the extremely lightweight, making it incredibly easy to carry. It finds that the device performs really great when TouchWiz doesn’t impede the interface. However, it feels that hardware should have been upgraded in a more advanced way. It has found several issues with the device. For instance, it finds the battery life a bit short. Playing a 90-minute video loop, 84% charge is consumed. It feels that a battery of a new device should have performed much better. Moreover, it regards the cameras as mediocre. However, the overall impression of the device is good to Tech Radar. As a result, it tags the Galaxy Tab S2 with 4 out of 5 stars.

Android Tablet Reviews: Android Authority Regards Galaxy Tab S2 as a Solid but an Imperfect Device 

Android Central, one of the leading websites related to all the Android topics, finds the performance of the Galaxy S2 really solid. It notices that the software and games run at an extremely fast pace. Unlike the other Android tablet review, it is quite happy with the battery and camera performance, regarding it pretty decent. However, it has mentioned several issues with the design. It feels that the button and speaker are placed very poorly while using it in landscape, making it an imperfect device. It was also not happy with the price tag. It feels that $399 is not the right price for it, as it is twice the price of the amazing NVIDIA Shield tablet.

Android Tablet Reviews: Digital Trend Admires the Bright Colorful Screen

Digital Trends has found the device “absurdly thin and light.” It is really pleased with its sleek design. It regards the Super AMOLED display as absolutely stunning, which makes everything look crystal clear. However, it doesn’t like the absence of the premium metal body. Similar to the other Android tablet reviews, it was not happy with the price tag. It finds it too expensive. However, due to the amazing look, stunning display and great performance, the device has been able to achieve 4.5 out of 5 stars from Digital Trends.

This is what the top rated Android tablet reviews think about the Galaxy Tab S2. What do you think about this device? Share your thoughts by hitting the comment button.

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