Android Smartwatches; The Future of Wireless Technology

The current and past trends of wireless technology has been on smartphones, but there is about to be a huge change in future trends. Smartphones have become the single most depended upon tech device as nearly 2 million people currently own a smartphone worldwide. Android has become the largest platform, and the popularity will soon be replaced with Android smartwatches technology.

The future trends of wireless technology has already seen the changes as Android smartwatches are gaining in popularity. The current models means we have to Bluetooth our smartwatch with our smartphone to get them to interact, but new smartwatch technology changes this entirely.

Android Smartwatches

Samsung has become the pioneer with their 2015 Android smartwatches that feature their own data plan. The Samsung Gear S was recently released in some markets and features its own phone number. Without the need of Bluetooth technology, owners are able to make and receive phones calls, text messages, emails, and even surf the net.

Samsung Gear S Android Smartwatches are part of the future trends in wireless technology as users will appreciate being able to do more with less. As the craze of the current trend of smartwatches add a whole new element of social media and wireless communications, being able to interface with one device instead of two will only increase the consumer demand.

There will be many more new 2015 Android smartwatches that feature its own data plan such as a new LG G Watch and a new Moto 360. Both LG and Motorola are looking to debut 4G Android smartwatches in the coming year with more expected out of the annual CES event at the end of January.

As we look forward to the coming year, it will be interesting to see what the consumer demand will be with the new Android smartwatches technology.

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