Android Smartphones: Sony Xperia X Performance with the Powerful 13-MP Selfie Shooter, Xiaomi Mi5 with the Massive 4 GB RAM

The competition in the market of the Android smartphones has reached a new level with the release of the new devices in MWC 2016. The latest smartphones have become more powerful, effective and innovative. They have created a massive buzz among the tech communities.

In this article, you will find two of the new Android smartphones that are regarded as the hottest devices in the tech market.

Android Smartphones - Xperia X Performance with the Powerful 13-MP Selfie Shooter

Android Smartphones: Sony Xperia X Performance with the Powerful 13-MP Selfie Shooter

The Sony Xperia X Performance comes with a build constructed with stainless steel and glass. As a result, it gets a premium appearance. The 2.5D glass on the front and incredibly smooth corners on the rear have taken the design of the device to a new level. Inside, it contains the new Snapdragon 820 processor, 3 GB RAM and Adreno 430 GPU. All these components ensure that the device is able to play the latest high-end games and apps pretty smoothly. The 5.0-inch IPS display comes with a pixel density of 441 ppi, which is decent in terms of the screens of the other smartphones. Its 2700 mAh battery is enough strong to provide a backup of more than a day. Like the other top rated Android smartphones on the market, the Xperia X Performance comes with the fingerprint sensor. Its 23-MP rear shooter can capture dazzling photos. However, the most impeccable component of the device is the 13-MP primary camera. It is able to take stunning selfies. If you are a selfie lover, the Xperia X Performance is the best option for you right now.

Android Smartphones - Xiaomi Mi5 with the Massive 4 GB RAM

Android Smartphones: Xiaomi Mi5 with the Massive 4 GB RAM 

Xiaomi Mi5 comes with an appearance that is quite similar to the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6. It happens due to the several design changes. The camera lens has been positioned at the same place as the iPhone 6. Moreover, the fingerprint scanner has been integrated with the home button like the Galaxy S6. The device comes with a 5.15-inch IPS LCD display that has a decent pixel density of 428 ppi. Similar to the Xperia X Performance, it has been packed with the Snapdragon 820 processor and Adreno 530 GPU. But it comes with an even better RAM of 4 GB, which we have seen on the other flagship Android smartphones. As a result, you will enjoy a lag-free performance while playing all the high-end games. Its 16-MP primary camera is really good at taking photos. Its 4-MP secondary camera is decent, although the megapixel range should be increased to 5-MP. With the 3000 mAh battery, the device will be able to survive a long time. Overall, the Xiaomi Mi5 looks like one of the best Android smartphones to have right at this moment.

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