Android Security Apps Review: Avast Mobile Security and Bitdefender

While there are tons of Android security apps on the market, you must find the best one for your device. In order to do this, you must take a look at the Android security apps review, which will provide you with all the strengths and weaknesses of different apps.

In this article, you will find the reviews of two of the hottest security apps simultaneously. Take a look at them.

Android Security Apps Review - Avast Mobile Security

Android Security Apps Review: Avast Mobile Security


The Avast Mobile Security comes with a very clean interface. There is a status indicator on at the top of the home screen. It shows whether the protective features are activated or not. Below it, there are buttons for different features, including Mobile Scanner, Virus Scanner and Anti-theft. All the options are pretty easy to navigate.


In order to provide real time protection, Avast comes with the App Shield feature, which scans all the apps on your device. It also has Message Shield, App Shield, Web Shield and File Shield. With all these features, it has been able to produce an outstanding virus and malware detection performance. More specifically, its detection rate is 99.9 percent, which makes it the best security app on the current market. As a result, it has been highly praised by all the Android security apps review.

Unique Features

Like the other security apps, Avast comes with the anti-theft and data protection feature. But the features are more advanced than any app on the market. For example, you can make your lost device reboot and forward all the messages and call to another device. A unique feature of the app is geofencing. It marks your smartphone lost automatically if it is placed beyond a specific distance. Due to the uniqueness, it has been claimed as the best by all the top rated Android security apps review.

The Verdict

Avast has everything to make your device highly secured. If you want an app that has been loaded with a huge array of anti-theft features, it is the best option for you.

Android Security Apps Review - Bitdefender

Android Security Apps Review: Bitdefender


Bitdefender has a very intuitive interface. Similar to Avast, it has a status indicator at the top of the home screen. There are also six buttons for Malware Scanner, Privacy Advisor, Web Security, Anti-theft, App Lock and Reports.

Detection Performance

Bitdefender offers both manual and automatic scanning. However, it doesn’t support scheduled scanning. Nonetheless, its detection performance is simply incredible. In the test of AV-TEST lab, it has been able to detect 100 percent of the malware. It is much better than the other leading security apps in the industry, including McAfee (99.5%) and Norton (99.7%). It helps Avast to get an outstanding feedback from all the users and Android security apps review.

Unique Feature

Bitdefender has a very unique Call Me command option. It enables your lost phone to silently call back to the device that you have sent the command from. In this way, it allows you to listen what the thief is talking. It, in turn, might open a new door for catching the thief in a very surprising and innovative way.

The Verdict

With the outstanding detection rate and the unique Call Me option, Bitdefender has become one of the hottest Android security apps on the market. So, you should definitely consider installing it into your device.

This is the end of our Android security apps review. Which is your most favorite security app? Share your thoughts by hitting the comment button.

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