Android Security App Review: The “Invincible” AMC Security

The security apps have become essential for your Android devices. They can save your device from the attacks of viruses and hackers. In this article, you will find an Android security app review. It is on the AMC Security, one of the most popular security apps in the market.

Android Security App Review - The “Invincible” AMC Security

Android Security App Review: Introduction

The AMC Security is not just a security app. It is a versatile app. From detecting the viruses and malwares to speeding up the performance of your device, it can do everything. Due to its top notch performance, it has achieved a huge popularity from the Android smartphone users. The 4.5 star feedback rating on the Play Store says it all.

Android Security App Review: Installation

Installing the AMC Security app is pretty easy. Just go to the Play Store, type the name of the app and tap the install button. Being a security app, it will show a long list of access permissions. But you do not need to be alarmed to see it. It takes only a few seconds to install the app. Overall, the installation process is pretty simple, easy and fast. So, in terms of installation, AMC Security gets a positive feedback in our Android security app review.

Android Security App Review: User Interface

The user interface of the app is pretty simple. The new design has produced an incredibly neat and sleek look. So, with respect to the user interface, the AMC Security deserves a great feedback in our Android security app review.

Android Security App Review: Booster

After the installation, a Booster option is automatically added to the home screen. It can release a significant amount of RAM in just a few seconds. In this way, you can make your device a lot faster.

Android Security App Review: Scan

When you enter into the app, you will find a big scan button. If you tap it, a function will begin to find the useless files, including cache, privacy records and apk, and clean them. It enables you to save a lot of space in your device.

Android Security App Review: Security Options

The AMC Security has been packed with some awesome security options. Its security section features Antivirus, Payment Guard, Anti-Theft, Anti-Phishing, Security Guard and Surfing guard. The Antivirus detects all the viruses with a great accuracy and remove them from your device. Payment Guard scans and remove copycat payment app so that you never get cheated during the transaction. Anti-theft enables you wipe all the data from your smartphone whenever it is stolen. It also has a location detector that enables you to find the stolen device. The Security Guard scans all types of connectivity, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and ensures that the connected source is secured. All these things make your device highly-secured. For this reason, in terms of security options, the AMC Security gets a great feedback in our Android security app review.

Android Security App Review: Other Features

The AMC Security has an App Manager that that provides you with an overview of all the installed apps. You can also uninstall apps from here. The Battery Saver option helps the device to save a lot of juices. Moreover, the app features Call/SMS blocker for preventing the unwanted persons from disturbing you and the privacy locker for storing sensitive and confidential files safely.

Android Security App Review: The Verdict

Overall, the AMC Security app is an all-round solution to your smartphone issues. It is fast, sleek and highly-efficient. So, it is a must-have security app for your Android device.

This is the end of our Android security app review. What do you think about this app? Share your thoughts by hitting the comment button.


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