Android Reviews Praise Google’s New Pixel C Tablet

Praised by most of the Android reviews, the Pixel C is an amazing tablet, which is a 100% Google product. Due to the outstanding design and top notch specification, the device has generated a massive enthusiasm in the heart of tablet enthusiasts.

In this article, you will know what the Android reviews of the world’s reputed tech websites say about the Google Pixel C Tablet.

Android Reviews Praise Google’s New Pixel C Tablet

Android Reviews: Gizmodo Regards Pixel C Too Good for Android

In one of the most detailed Android reviews, Gizmodo praises the tablet-keyboard combo of the Pixel C. It also admires the effort of Google for enhancing the productivity of the device. But it believes that the tablet is too good to be powered by the Android operating system. It believes that Android is still not ready for maximizing the productivity of the tablet-keyboard combo as the Windows operating system. Gizmodo also praises the top notch specification of the device. More specifically, it praises the inclusion of 3GB RAM and Nvidia Tegra X1 processor, which allows the device to run the high-end games pretty smoothly.

Android Reviews: CNET Praises the Solid Keyboard and Strong Battery of the Pixel C

CNET, which has a great reputation for producing outstanding Android reviews, has admired the magnetic keyboard of the Google Pixel C, which is being charged inductively. It regards the keyboard as exceptional, as it enables the users to type pretty smoothly. CNET also praises the powerful battery, which can last longer than most of its rivals. More specifically, it is able to play 12 hours and 42 minutes of video playback continuously. Overall, it is the best tablet battery in the current market.

Android Reviews: Trusted Reviews Praises Robust Design and Super Sharp Display

Similar to the other Android reviews, Trusted Reviews has admired the robust design of the Gooble Pixel C. More specifically, it praises the aluminum build, as it not only produces a premium look but also allows the device to survive the expected wear and tear. Trusted Reviews also admired the super sharp view of the display. Due to the higher pixel density of 308 ppi, the text and the icons on the screen looks incredibly sharp. So, you will never face any difficulty in reading them.

Overall, the Google Pixel C has achieved positive feedbacks from most of the top rated Android reviews. So, if you are planning to buy a high-end tablet, the Google Pixel C can be a great choice for you.